Five Ways to Stay Organized During a Busy Summer

Between pool fun, vacation time, barbeques, and get-togethers with friends and family, the summer months can be busier than most. It pays to declutter your home and take a few extra steps toward getting organized before your busy summer plans really kick off. Follow these five tips on how to stay organized during a busy summer:

1. Declutter

It’s easy for clutter to pile up. Take the time to declutter your home and make it a

more comfortable space for your family over the summer. When we declutter we free up space that can be used for storing additional items like beach coolers, foldaway chairs, umbrellas, tents and other outdoor equipment. Be honest with yourself and throw out the things you no longer need. Donate unwanted household goods to a local charity or your nearest Goodwill location. If you have children, keep their summer toys, sports equipment and outdoor items organized in the garage, away from your living space.

2. Vow to Keep Surfaces Clear

Once you’ve successfully decluttered, try to keep your surfaces clear. Designate bins or spaces for items that tend to get left on countertops, like mail. Then institute a daily cleanup before dinner or at the end of each day where any items left out are moved to their designated area. On Sunday of each week, vow to either find a permanent home for the items or in the case of mail, take care of any bills and recycle any junk mail.

3. Use Hidden Storage Furniture

Summer time often involves a lot of additional activities and extra “stuff.” Make use of hidden storage furniture around your home whenever possible. For example, in your living room CORT’s Rectangle Storage Ottoman is ideal for storing loose toys, board games, extra blankets and other belongings cluttering your living space. This Multi Color Chest is another versatile and classic option for storing smaller items like books, keys and loose paperwork. If your bedroom furniture is due for an upgrade, why not try renting a bed with hidden storage first before making your final purchase?

4. Pack Away Seasonal Items

With the hot days of summer on the horizon, now is the time to pack away winter clothes, and switch out your thick bedroom comforters for lighter versions. Use a stylish storage chest like CORT’s brown leather Trunk Ottoman to store these items until you need them next. Pack away seasonal clothes and organize them into storage boxes under your bed or in your closet.

5. Clean

Finally, set aside a few days to clean out your home before the soaring temperatures of summer take effect. Plan which areas need the most attention then put together an action list. Make sure to stock up on cleaning supplies and equipment in advance, paying close attention to high traffic areas such as your floors, kitchen, bathrooms, and windows. It’s easier to maintain an organized home if you’ve got a clean base to start from.

Summer represents happiness, and your home should be a place the family can unwind and cool off during the hot summer days. With some forward planning and home organization, you will set yourself up for summer success and can enjoy your abode to the fullest!