Savvy Ways to Store Winter Clothes

After winter fades away, you move on to your spring (or maybe even summer) wardrobe. That raises the question of how to store winter clothes until you need them again next winter.

While there are many options for storing winter clothes, not every solution is right for every person. If you have a lot of room in your home, you might want to use something like an armoire or dresser with extra space for stashing your cold weather clothes. If you have less space, you might need to resort to using empty spaces under your bed or beneath a dresser.

If you’re short on space and live in a city, you might even consider services that provide storage options for consumers who don’t need to rent a full storage unit but definitely need a little extra storage space.

Prepping for Winter

Figuring out where to store bulky winter clothes is the first step, but making sure your clothes are stored properly is just as important. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to make sure your clothes come out looking as good next winter as they do today:

  • Do store similar items together. That way, if you want to locate a certain piece of clothing, it will be easier to find it.
  • Don’t store dirty clothes. Make sure all your clothes are clean before you pack them — for obvious reasons.
  • Do add a little freshener. Whether it’s a scented dryer sheet or a sachet, this can keep clothes from getting musty while they’re stored.
  • Do remember your boots and shoes. The same rules apply for your footwear; make sure you clean any stains or dirt from outside the shoe or boot, and put a dryer sheet or sachet inside the shoe for a fresh smell.
  • Do make sure your clothes are properly folded or hung to ensure they keep their shape while being stored.

Finding the Right Storage Solution

When it comes to storing winter clothes properly, you have several different options. Experts recommend avoiding cardboard boxes or plastic bins for long-term storage, as both can lead to smells and discoloration. (Plastic is fine for short-term clothing storage.)

Other options to consider include:

  • Plastic trash bags: They aren’t fancy, but they do the trick.
  • Vacuum-sealed storage bags: These can save a lot of space, but you won’t have much flexibility to add or remove clothes.
  • Suitcase: If you have suitcases that aren’t in use, they make great storage options.

Making sure you store your winter clothes the right way pays off with a great-looking, ready-to-go wardrobe when winter arrives the next year. If you need more space for your clothes, the range of furniture options offered by CORT Furniture Rental may have all the answers you need.


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