Productivity Tips for Working From Anywhere

Each year, more people work from home at least a portion of the time. Since 2005, the ranks of the regular work-at-home workforce has grown 173%, reports Global Workforce Analytics.

Modern technology, such as ultra-powerful laptops and blazing fast wireless connectivity make working from anywhere possible. What they cannot do, however, is automatically make you more productive.

That’s okay, though, because we’ve got your back! Here are four productivity tips for working from anywhere.

1. Get the Right Productivity Tools

You’ve no doubt heard the quote before: “A person is only as good as their tools.” Ensure your home has the tools you need: a desk, filing cabinet, and whatever else you’ll need to excel. Keep your overhead flexible by renting home office furniture, though: no need to buy.

A dedicated workspace allows you to avoid clutter and other distractions (like working from the couch in front of the TV) that may torpedo your productivity. It’s also helpful in achieving proper ergonomics.

2. Ensure Productivity-Boosting Comfort

Speaking of office furniture: Make sure that your office chair is stable and comfortable. If you’ll be sitting at a desk for most of your time working, you’ll need a chair with excellent back support and cushioning. It also helps to have a chair whose height you can raise or lower.

Don’t allow yourself to get TOO comfortable, though! Stand up at least once every hour that you are working and stretch a little. Even the best productivity tips for work won’t work if you allow yourself to become too desk-bound. Plus, as we all know by now, sitting for long periods isn’t healthy.

3. Watch Your Time to Maximize Productivity

Have you heard of the Pomodoro Technique of time management? That’s when you work 25 minutes on and five minutes off for four consecutive blocks of time. After that, you can take a more extended break before your next 25-minute work session. Many people swear by this approach to boosting productivity. (It also happens to go hand-in-hand with our advice to move around at least once per hour.)

If you like the general idea but need more flexibility, MarinaraTimer allows you to customize time blocks and minimize wasted time. Keep in mind that it’s also essential to achieve proper work-life balance. Too much of one adversely affects the other!

4. Take Note of This Great Productivity Tip

Thanks to countless apps available on our smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, we’re in a golden age of note-taking. Using one of them to maintain a running list of all your work-related tasks is a great way to not only stay productive but also to impress your supervisors and colleagues alike.

If you don’t think note-taking is worth it, check out what this study about hospitals published in the New York Times: the lists they used for surgeries and other treatments saved lives by minimizing risk. That’s about as good a recommendation for any productivity tip you’re ever likely to get!

Suggestions for keeping notes:

  • Evernote
  • Apple Notes
  • Google Keep
  • Good old-fashioned pen and paper

Rent WFH Essentials

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