Preparing Your Room for Furniture Rental

furniture rental

Most people realize that moving require lots of preparation. From estimating costs to buying boxes and packing, getting ready for a move involves a great deal of planning and organization. For people planning to use furniture rental in their new home, much planning is involved in furniture selection and scheduling. While many people are aware of the need for planning, many do not realize the importance of preparing a space to receive new rental furniture. But preparing your living room for furniture rental will make a difference in the overall look and feel of the room.

First, plan your use of the space ahead of time. There is design software available that allows people to plan an entire space and see it virtually before ever placing piece of furniture. However, if you do not have access to this kind of software, using graph paper can be just as effective, and even fun.

To make your own interactive layout, take a piece of graph paper and, with a pencil, draw the perimeter of your room to scale. Generally, it works to use a scale of one graph square to one square foot. You may need to tape pages together if your space is very large. Use the pencil to indicate doors, windows, and any permanent features of the room. Then, using a separate piece of graph paper, cut out shapes to represent the home furniture rental pieces and any other large pieces in the room, including rugs. Be sure that these cut-outs are to scale and well-labeled. You can now use these cutouts to move furniture around to determine the best placement of furniture. When you have decided where your furniture rental pieces will be placed, tape them down onto the surface of the diagram. Save this map for reference when your furniture arrives. This way, the furniture can be placed exactly where you want it the first time, saving time, energy and money.

After you have planned your use of the space, be sure to clean and prepare all the surfaces in the room. There is no better time to accomplish this than before the furniture rental arrives. Thorough steam clean any carpet, clean the baseboards, and repair and repaint surfaces as needed. You may even want to think ahead about anything that needs to be replaced or fixed, such as carpet or outlets. If needed, call professional services to take care of anything that would be more efficiently handled before the arrival of furniture.

When it comes to planning the décor, you may find Pinterest can be a very effective tool for exploring, bookmarking and sharing design ideas. With a little prior planning and a few simple actions, receiving rental furniture can be a much easier as satisfying process.