moving checklistIf you’re planning on making a move, even if it’s (theoretically) next door, writing up a moving checklist is an absolute must.  Done right, such a list will help you organize your tasks in a handy, one-glance format, so you can be sure you won’t be forgetting anything.  Going along with that, it’s always easy to add additional items to the list as you think of them or as they become important.

This list is quite useful, and will help virtually anyone in virtually any moving situation.  Nevertheless, there are ways to tailor it to your specific needs.  Say you’re moving from the happening Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago and you’ve got your heart set on one of those Austin apartments in the beautiful Hyde Park area, which gives you a little more room to stretch out, since it’s somewhat less dense than a central neighborhood in a truly large world city.  Since you’ll be having more space, you might want to add elements to this list, such as “buy furniture.”  If you were making the opposite move, where you’ll be downsizing your current living situation, you might want to add list items more like “visit donation center” to unload possessions you don’t think you’ll be able to fit into your new home.

Those are rather specific suggestions, but the point is that the list is as malleable as it needs to be.  As is, it’s a great starting point, and will help you get settled into your new life nicely.

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