How to Use Pattern in Your Décor

rental furnitureThink using patterns in your décor is risk?  Think again!  Patterned furniture and décor should not be left to professional designers alone.  You can find plenty of furnishings and furniture rental pieces that sport great patterns and incorporate them into your home.  Follow these easy guidelines to get started using patterns and prints in your furniture and furniture rental and spice up your home’s look.

Mixing Patterns

Can you pair a geometric-patterned rug with ornate damask wallpaper?  The short answer: “Yes.”  Mixing patterns is a totally acceptable practice, but there are a few things to keep in mind.  If you’re planning on mixing patterns, it helps if they are of similar colors.  Patterns should also complement each other.  If one is busy, try pairing it with a simple pattern.  In the end, trust your eye.  You’re the one who will be living with the final choice, so if it looks hideous to you, scrap the combination and start afresh.

Patterns Plus Neutrals

It helps to mix your patterns with solids and neutrals.  The monochromatic touches with help break up the pattern so it is not too overwhelming.  Feel free to incorporate the colors that already exist in your patterned pieces, but it’s also alright to choose supplementary or complementary colors as well.  It helps avoid that “matchy-matchy” look.

Furniture and Furniture Rental

Now, on to the specifics.  Using patterned furnishings—both permanent and temporary furniture rental—can be a great way to design a room with a unique perspective.  You may choose a patterned furniture rental piece and design the rest of the room (color scheme, furnishing textures, etc.) around it.  Or you could choose several different (but still complementary!) patterns to mix up the tone of the room and make it more diverse.


You have a few options when it comes to using pattern on your walls.  Wallpaper, of course, is the traditional way to go, and gives you a variety of choices.  However, you might also consider temporary wallpaper, which you can switch out with your changing decorating tastes or new furniture rental.  You might also replicate part of a pattern by painting it on a large scale.  The drama of a large pattern can even make a small space seem bigger.

If you want more ideas about how to use patterns with furniture rental and home décor, check out the CORT Pinterest board called Patterns and Prints.  Then tell us what your favorite piece of patterned furniture rental is via Twitter, or post a photo of your favorite on our Facebook wall.