Home Staging Furniture Sells Homes Faster

The buzz around the practice of home staging isn’t quieting any time soon— because it works! CORT is thrilled to be a top resource of home staging furniture and more for both professional stagers and independent home sellers. The practice has been proven to help sell homes on the market faster. The goal is to furnish and decorate a home in a neutral, appealing way so it will appear more attractive and homey to potential buyers. Staging helps buyers visualize themselves and their families in a home more readily, improving its saleability.

Home staging is a form of artful merchandising that takes a keen eye and the right home staging furniture to achieve desired looks. When hiring a home stager, look for one with a strong understanding of modern preferences and popular design that appeals to a wide variety of tastes. CORT hosts a network of professional stagers with strong experience in preparing homes for resale. Most home buyers decide whether or not they like a property within ten seconds, so first impressions are key. Our qualified home stagers can even help enhance curb-appeal for an attractive exterior and interior experience.

If you’re comfortable staging your own home, there are some key practices to keep in mind. Your personal taste might shine through in your personal home furniture rental and decor choices, but remember that home staging should appeal to a wider audience and remain neutral in tone. Aim to eliminate clutter for a clean presentation that flows from room to room. With our flexible lease plans, consider renting home staging furniture from CORT. That way, your family can comfortably move into a new home with the original furniture in the mean time. It’s just another way we are here to ease our customers through life’s challenging transitions, such as relocation.

There is a happy medium to achieve with home staging— your property should not appear like someone is actively living in it, but it shouldn’t appear vacant either. Neither scenario is appealing to potential buyers, who are hoping to get a sense of life in the home. Staging is all about strategic use of space, a pleasing mix of color and texture and the spirit of what life could be like there. It’s important to incorporate unique art and accessories in addition to home staging furniture. These elements should work together for a comfortable and cozy aesthetic that any buyer can relate to.