Home Staging Furniture In A Small Office

a furnished officeMany of you may have caught a glimpse of CORT’s newest line of home staging furniture for offices in last week’s episode of The Celebrity Apprentice. For their most recent challenge, the contestants used our office furniture to stage a television commercial set. While the celebrities worked with minimal room on their set, it had us thinking about how all small office conditions could be best optimized and staged to promote the appearance of a professional and comfortable office environment.

As we have mentioned countless times on the furniture blog, eliminating clutter is a crucial first step to maximizing your staging space. File away all loose paper and books on shelves and in cabinets. It is also important to  hide all awards and personal accolades, as well as items with the current company branding. Depersonalizing the space will keep eyes from focusing on one particular part of the room. It is important that the office is seen as one continuous when taken in at a glance. Choose lighter, neutral tones for your walls and furniture to complete this home staging look.

Keep the office looking as minimalist as possible, however it should still embody humanistic qualities. Neatly display office supplies, such as legal note pads and a jar of pencils, on desks. It is a good idea to use a solid, uniform color theme for your displayed office supplies. For example, do not feature a jar of 15 different types of pens and pencils. Traditional, yellow #2 pencils are a good classic choice and read well aesthetically in a nice jar. Additionally, you can liven up the home staging space a bit with natural elements such as a plant or a small water feature.

Small office conditions do not have to be drab or uncomfortable. We have plenty of furniture rental and  clearance furniture options available to help organize your small or large office space for success!