Home Furniture Rental: Glam it up!

home furniture rentalSometimes elements of drama are just what you need to spice up your home furniture rental and totally revamp the interior design style of your home. Are you looking to add some flair to your living room or boudoir? It is really quite simple (and can be inexpensive) to add some chic grandeur to your home. Achieve the “high glam” look by following a few (or all) of these pointers:


Color and Shine

Chose a palette that pairs two shades of natural, “stone” tones (ex: ebony, charcoal, egg white, granite, etc) with a deep color or bold print. The key is to pick one, solid color scheme and stick with it! Be careful with wallpaper. Chose a print that features only one bold color and make sure that you have solid colored accents (such as the sofa or throw pillows) that complement the color you chose. If you decided on a tribal theme, or multi-colored print, make sure all other colors in the room are neutral (including your home furniture rental) and pair with metallic accents. Metallics, mirrors, and high-gloss finishes add instant glam to a room. Incorporate one metal into your color scheme to add a bit of shine to your design concept.


Elegant ambiance can be achieved by playing with lighting options in your home. Candles and dimmers add romance to the equation, while track lighting can highlight some of your best glamorous artwork or florals. If you would like to splurge, chandeliers add instant luxury to your home furniture rental design motif.


Velvet, satin, and silk are luxurious materials that can definitely glam up your decor scheme! All of these fabrics are definite options for your throw pillows and curtains. Choose window tapestries that add a bit of drama but do not let them upstage the room. You want the focal point to be the center of the room for your glamorous guests!

Fresh Florals

Elements of nature complete any interior design look. It adds a humanistic quality as well as makes the room more warm and inviting. For a glamorous take on nature, feature orchids, roses, lilies or an exotic flower as a coffee table centerpiece.  Lush flower arrangements paired with glamorous home furniture rental furnishings can add just the right touch of drama and flair to your home.


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