Easy Healthy Eating Tips That Work With Any Diet

From Keto to Paleo and Atkins to CarbLovers — there are almost as many diets to help you meet your new year’s resolutions as there are days in 2020 (and it’s a leap year!). Regardless of which lifestyle, diet, or meal plan you subscribe to, there are easy ways to eat healthy on any diet! But don’t take our word for it, try these diet-agnostic healthy eating tips for yourself!

1. Sit down.

Whether you’re shooting for smaller portions to lose weight or trying to up your protein intake and bulk up, taking a moment to sit down (not at your work desk) and just eat is essential. Eating on the go can quickly become mindless snacking, which almost often leads to eating more, less, or “worse” foods than what your diet calls for.

This week, try being disciplined about sitting down, turning off the TV or your phone, and devoting your full attention to your food at every meal and the company you share it with. Incorporating mindful eating habits like sitting down to eat can help curb binge snacking and emotional eating, lower cortisol levels, and create better relationships with the people around the table, reports U.S. News. Plus, investing in creating relaxing dining, living, and bedroom spaces can help reduce your overall stress.

2. Don’t shop hungry.

You just got out of the gym, and the grocery store closes in one hour — you can either stop on your way home, eat out, or try to whip up a meal using this week’s leftovers. So, you venture into the supermarket sweaty and a little bit hungry! By the end of your shopping trip, you’re famished, and your cart is full of “cheat day” snacks, some of which you’ve already started munching on. If this sounds familiar, you know the consequences of shopping hungry.

Grocery shopping on an empty stomach can lead to regrettable decisions, regardless of which type of meal plan you’re following. Make an effort to schedule your grocery trips after lunch or dinner to ensure you’re in the headspace to make smart choices. When you can’t help but shop a little bit hungry try:

  • Healthy eating on the go! Pay for a healthy snack like a banana, protein shake, or boiled egg and eating it as you shop.
  • Ordering groceries for pick-up or delivery to help you stick to your list while avoiding the temptations of the chip aisle.
  • Making a habit of keeping shelf-stable essentials in your kitchen to cook pantry meals when you can’t get to the store. Try these pantry recipes from Delish.

3. Watch your plate.

From low-carb to carb-loading to keto — many diets involve following specific guidelines on how much of which foods you should eat. Having the right dishware (and using it correctly) can help you meet whichever macronutrient, veggie, or protein ratios you’re trying to reach.

No matter your goals or your diet, there are several ways to leverage your plate to make better food choices:

  • Use smaller plates in high-contrast shades when trying to eat less. SELF reports that using smaller plates with colors that contrast your food can help reduce your overall food intake.
  • Plate your food before eating instead of cherry-picking out of casseroles and serving bowls as you eat. Imagine your plate divided into quarters, and fill each quarter with nutritious foods that meet your dietary guidelines. This way, it’ll be harder to fool yourself into assuming you’ve had more or less of certain items.
  • Serve your snacks, too! Just like formal meals, it’s easy to underestimate how many bites you eat if you’re eating straight out of a family-sized package. There’s a reason why Lay’s potato chips’ tagline is, “Betcha can’t eat just one!”

4. Be prepared.

Life and diets don’t always go as planned, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan at all! Meal prepping, packing your work lunches, and even creating a time and space for dinner and contemplation are essential if you want to turn your diet into a healthy lifestyle.

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