Furniture Arrangement Tips For Home Staging

furnitureWhether we are staging a home, adding to our office or preparing an event, planning the arrangement of our furniture can be quite puzzling. While CORT offers services to help bring together approved stagers and consumers, for the do-it-yourself planner, we’d like to provide a few recommendations to help you artfully provide a look, feel and ambiance to your space of choice.

In our previous home staging blogs, we emphasized a minimalistic approach. Minimalism has another distinguishable advantage: improving traffic flow. This will be especially important with large gatherings of people. Visualize the main path of traffic from the central focus and use of the room to individual exit points. Furniture that impedes flow might need an alternative placement to allow for an unobstructed route.

Start big by arranging your largest piece of furniture first. In most cases, this is a couch, bed, desk or table. When planning your home furniture rental, visualize or draw out the placement in relation to the key focal point of the room but not cluttered around it, as this draws too much eye away from the ambiance.

Provide balance with other large furnishings by keeping them separate and incorporating smaller, related items such as chairs and accent pieces. If space and look allow, you can also hide flaws in paint and floors by strategically placing furniture to cover or draw the eye away.

If you don’t have furniture-planning software, simply grab a piece of graph paper to help illustrate and layout your placement. Don’t forget the tape measure. A tape measure can help you get a better grasp on dimensions and aid in the visualization process.

If this sounds all too complicated, or you are planning a move and need help fast, we offer many products and services crafted to help making your relocation, event or addition seamless. Regardless what type of plan you’re considering, our services will give you the expertise you deserve.