Decorating a Spare Guest Room or Bonus Room in 2021

Having overnight guests in 2021 shouldn’t be impossible, but, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it may look a little different compared to past years. As always, a comfortable room where your visitors can unwind, relax, and get a good night’s sleep is a must. You’ll want it to look and feel good. Privacy is also important, but you’ll want to go the extra mile to give your guests their own space, especially if you’re working on social distancing during their stay. Health and safety should be even more of a priority than it has in the past, as well. When you’re decorating a spare guest room or bonus room in 2021, start with these tips.  

Stock Lots of Health and Safety Supplies  

While style and comfort are important, health and safety will dominate travel in 2021 — even if you’re just spending a few days or weeks with a friend or relative. You can start by stocking supplies they may need if they left them at home or didn’t think to bring them. This may include masks, gloves, antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, disinfecting wipes and anything else you can think of that will ease any fears about viruses and germs. 

You should also make sure your guests have access to more than enough day-to-day items, like pillows, sheets, blankets, towels, and toilet paper. This can help keep the space cleaner as well as prevent them from having to search for you at all hours when they need more.  

Decorate With Plants  

If you’re not sure what kind of decor to add to your guest room, start with plants. They not only brighten up any space, but they’re fairly inexpensive. And studies have shown that they can boost moods and help relieve stress — something we all need in the midst of a pandemic. 

Even better, look for plants that are known to help with air purification. Some popular options that you can find at most nurseries are aloe vera, peace lilies, snake plants, English ivy, spider plants, several types of palms, and rubber plants. COVID-19 is actually less likely to spread in areas where air pollutants are minimal.  

Opt for Lush Bedding  

Another unfortunate result of the pandemic is that people aren’t sleeping as well as they used to. Scientists have even coined the term “coronasomnia” to describe the wave of sleeping problems people are dealing with in 2020 and will likely deal with in 2021 too. Providing your guests with a nice comfortable place to sleep at night is one way to help them escape any worries or stress that may be keeping them up at night. 

When you shop for bedding for your guest room, choose high-quality options. Look for soft sheets that have a high thread count — ideally between 200 and 800. When choosing a material, 100% cotton is always best because sheets made from this material are soft, allow for airflow and they tend to last longer than other materials. They also help regulate bed temperature.  When shopping for blankets and comforters, consider splurging on down or faux down options. They’re cozy, and they can help regulate bed temperature as well. 

Choose Calming Colors

Another way to help rid your guests of stress and anxiety is to decorate with calming colors. This is especially true when deciding what color to paint the walls. When in doubt, always go with a shade of blue or green that isn’t too bold or bright. Because they’re found throughout nature in the plants, sky, and sea, they have a calming effect. The color blue is even thought to help relax your brain and slow your heart rate and blood pressure so you sleep better.

If you don’t like blue or green, soft violet shades, like lavender, are good, as are pastels, like pink or pale yellow. If you prefer neutrals, stick to tan, gray, or white.  

Make Sure There Is Storage Space 

Always make sure your guests have storage space, even when you aren’t decorating your guest room during a pandemic. Far too many hosts use their guest room closets and dresser drawers to store their own things, like off-season clothes. If you do have the closet filled with your own items, add an empty dresser or console table with drawers so your guests can unpack their suitcases. If that’s not an option, consider installing shelving for folded items and racks for clothing that hangs.  

Add Bedside Lamps 

How many times have you visited a friend or relative and couldn’t figure out which light switch turns which light on and off? Save your guests that frustration by placing a lamp on the nightstand. Not only does that ensure that they can find a light that works, but it will provide them with soft lighting if they want to read a book or relax before going to bed. And if they hear a strange noise in the night or just want to adjust their pillows, they can turn on some light without getting out of bed. 

Consider Twin Beds 

Most people add a full or queen-size bed to their guest room, but that may not be the best option, especially if any of your guests are single or you’re practicing social distancing. If you have the space to place them at least six feet apart, twin beds can help keep guests distanced without someone having to go sleep on the sofa. And if you have couples friends staying over, they can always push them together if they’d like. 

Add These Accent Pieces  

A bed and dresser are a must for your guest room, but why not go beyond the basics? Many people overlook the little accents that can make visitors feel at home. Consider installing a full-length mirror so your guests can make sure they look good before heading out to greet everyone else. A small chair by a window or tucked away in a corner is a great place to relax and have some coffee or read a book. Don’t forget a small table near the chair where your guests can place that cup of coffee or other items like their phones and glasses.  

Speaking of coffee, consider adding a small coffee pot and accessories, like mugs and spoons, to your guest bedroom or bathroom if the room is a suite. Some people aren’t themselves until they’ve had their morning cup, so your visitors may feel a bit more confident if they’ve had a little caffeine before they leave their rooms. And if each person has their own coffee, it can help prevent the spread of germs. 

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