How to Build a Home Away from Home for Long-Term Guests

With the kids out of school and a longer stretch of daylight in the evenings, summer can be a great time to host long-term guests in your home. Perhaps you have a family member flying in to spend time with you and your family, or an old college friend wants to catch up. Either way, hosting guests should provide a much-needed break from the hum-drum of daily life, not put additional strain on the family.

We’ve put together the following thought-starters you should consider before hosting long-term guests this summer:

The Perfect Guest Room

It’s not essential that you have a ton of extra space or an oversized guest bedroom to make your visitors feel welcome. But you should have a clean, cool private space they can call their own. Ideally you will provide them with a comfortable bed and nightstand, as well as a place they can store their clothes and other personal belongings. For example, this perfect-sized Hendrick 2-Door Chest with matching Hendrick Side Table is a great option to rent for the summer. Make sure your guest’s bed is made up with clean linens before they arrive. Decorate it with colorful throw pillows like CORT’s Metro Jazz Pillow Pack. Finally, a large floor mirror such as CORT’s Cavett Floor Mirror is a convenient addition to any guest room space since it can be moved around to suit different heights and angles.

Toiletry Basket

Since your guests are staying for a while, consider renting or buying new bathroom towels exclusively for their use. CORT’s comprehensive Bathroom Essentials package provides a convenient rental bundle of everyday items such as wash clothes, towels, and travel-size soaps, and shampoos. Most guests bring their own toiletries – especially for lengthy stays. However, it is a nice gesture to provide some of these ahead of time to help make them feel welcome. A few other examples to include in a welcome basket are lotion, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, a nail file and facewash.

Welcome Touches

Create small extra touches that help make your house guests feel welcome. These don’t need to cost much but they sure will be appreciated. Consider the following:

  • Basket of refreshments with light snacks placed on nightstand
  • Box of Kleenex in bedroom
  • Fresh flowers in a pretty vase left in guest bathroom
  • Scented candles in bathroom or bedroom
  • Reading material left in guest bedroom
  • Framed sign with your Wi-Fi name and password
  • If your guests include children, consider purchasing a few simple games or toys if you don’t own any already
  • Local map/travel guide

Extra Storage

If your long-term guests include boat enthusiasts, beach-lovers, or sports aficionados, chances are they’ll arrive on your doorstep with more than just a travel case. For folks needing additional storage for their larger items, consider making accommodations ahead of time in your garage or outdoor shed. The same goes for reserving extra space in your kitchen. Guests may have specific dietary preferences that require them to bring their own food or drinks. Help them feel welcome by dedicating a shelf or two for them in your pantry and fridge. For additional storage space in the guest bedroom, rent a convenient storage chest like CORT’s Cedar Storage Chest Ottoman.

Mini Work Space

Consider what your guests may need outside of a place to sleep and bathroom facilities. Perhaps they would like access to an office desk and chair to be able to check in at work while away. If your guest bedroom has space, set up a mini work nook in their room with CORT’s Draycott Writing Desk, available for rent.

Before your guests arrive, put yourself in their shoes and think about what would make you feel welcome when staying long-term in another person’s home. Follow our recommendations, so you can focus on having fun and making new memories.