Best Clothing Subscription Boxes for Busy Professionals

As a young professional, time is of the essence. Making a trip to the local mall or shopping center may not fit into your schedule. Have no fear — polished and trendy fashion is still within your reach and could even arrive at your doorstep. Monthly clothing box subscriptions regularly deliver a box of stylish clothes straight to you. Skip the lines, the frustration of out of stock sizes, and cluttered fitting rooms. You can decide if you love that new dress or pair of jeans in the comfort of your own home. Learn about the best clothing subscription boxes on the market — because no two are the same — and stay effortlessly on trend.

For Purchase Only Boxes

Online styling service Stitch Fix has become synonymous with personalized clothing subscription boxes. The biggest differentiator between Stitch Fix and other monthly clothing boxes is that it introduces you to clothing you wouldn’t necessarily pick for yourself and encourages you to take fashion risks. Fill out your style profile, share your budget or Pinterest account, and the service pairs you with a stylist who reviews your answers and builds your box. The hand-curated selections include clothing, shoes, and accessories as well as various styling options for the pieces. Try them on, decide what you love, and send the rest back.

Two other pay-for-what-you-want boxes include Elizabeth & Clark, which focuses on work-essential shirts, and Frank and Oak, which is best known for its minimal aesthetic and use of sustainable materials. Both tout affordable clothing options that are chic, simple, and easy to integrate into your wardrobe.

Rent to Own Boxes

Putting a little spin on the “box” idea, Le Tote takes a different approach and sends its subscribers a monthly “tote” filled with clothing and accessories. After receiving your items, you can wear them for a while and then decide whether to purchase. Le Tote only charges for what you keep, and clothing and accessories come from well-known brands like Nike, KUT from the Kloth, Kate Spade, and others, which also differentiates Le Tote from other subscription boxes.

Expecting a baby? Rent your maternity clothes through Le Tote as your body changes. Send back items when you’re done (or they no longer fit). Save money on pieces you only expect to wear a few times, and put the savings toward your new bundle of joy instead.

Rent Only Boxes

In the mood to splurge? unlimited subscription plan is just the ticket. For a monthly $159 fee plus tax (which covers shipping, dry cleaning, and insurance), Rent the Runway acts as your own personal fashion library. “Check out” four pieces at once, and return them limitlessly. Theoretically, you could rent as many as 120 pieces each month. It may seem like a hefty annual cost, but the average American household spends about the same on clothing each year, and you can constantly refresh your wardrobe along the way. Choose a dress for a formal event, and send it back when you’re done. What’s better than that?

Clothing rental isn’t the only thing you can get delivered to your door. CORT Furniture Rental offers the same level of convenience for furniture you may need on a temporary basis. Rent a single piece or fill your entire home with stylish furniture that’s delivered when you need it and picked up when you’re ready.

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