Beat the Heat: Tips for Moving During Summer

furniture rentalIn continuation with the theme of National Moving Month, this week CORT Furniture Rental brings you some valuable tips for moving during the summer.  As hot weather is fast-approaching, you’re probably not looking forward to hauling your possessions around and setting up house in the heat.  Even if you are utilizing furniture rental in your new home, there is still plenty to do, and tons of things to transport to your new home.  But don’t sweat it!  Planning ahead is the best thing you can do to make your move a success.  Here are some tips to beat the heat this summer on moving day.

Set Up Utilities Ahead of Time

There is nothing worse than hauling boxes around an air conditioning-less home on a summer afternoon, so plan ahead by ensuring that your utilities will be turned on when you arrive at your new home.  Plus, taking care of your utilities before the big move will mean one less thing to worry about when moving day arrives.  Ideally, you should contact your future provider ideally at least two weeks before you move regarding turning on your electricity, gas, phone, cable, and internet.  While you’re at it, many utility companies will allow you to pay your bills online, so set up an account during this process to simplify things.

Rent Your Moving Truck Well in Advance

If you are moving your belongings on your own, be sure to book your rental truck well in advance.  Prices will most likely be lower, and you can begin planning earlier.  (Because summertime is the busiest moving season of the year, prices will go up the closer you get to your moving date.)  Note that most companies will require a deposit accompanying your reservation, but will also allow you to reschedule as long as you give plenty of notice.

Move on a Weekday

Weekends are the busiest time for movers, so if it’s possible you should try to schedule your move on a weekday.  With a moving company, a weekday move means a better chance of lower prices and more flexibility when working with movers.  Additionally, avoid Memorial Day weekend and the last weekend in July, which are peak summer moving times.

Try Furniture Rental

Instead of transporting all of your current furniture to your new home, consider furniture rental instead.  Furniture rental can be especially convenient if your move is short-term (as with a military move, for example), or if you are moving to a much bigger or much smaller home.  Everything from kitchen utensils to electronics to sofas is available from furniture rental companies.  In fact, you might be surprised how much of your home you can decorate via rental!  A furniture rental company like CORT will also take care of delivery and set-up of your furniture—all you’ll have to do on moving day is tell the deliverymen where to set your new furnishings!

More Moving and Furniture Rental Tips

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