3 Tips for Getting Through College Move-in Day with Minimum Stress

Your child is heading off to college. Although you couldn’t be more proud, college move-in day is hard on parents. With a rush of emotions and so much to do, the process can be overwhelming, but you can make it easier with a few handy tips. 

1. Be Prepared

To keep stress levels down on moving day, it helps to be prepared. Find out what items the dormitory supplies, and plan accordingly. If needed, pick up a small microwave oven, mini refrigerator, laundry basket, bedding, bath towels, dishes, glasses, and utensils. Stay on task throughout the moving process by making a college move-in checklist well in advance. 

Don’t forget to take a basic tool kit on moving day in case you need to drive a screw or tighten a bolt on a wobbly desk, chair, or bed frame. Make sure to arrive early, and wear comfortable clothing for carting boxes and bags. Pack some basic cleaning supplies to wipe down all the surfaces in your child’s dorm room.

2. Enjoy a Quick and Easy Move

To get your child’s belongings from the car to the dorm room and into place quickly, try these strategies. 

Label boxes clearly for easy unpacking, and take a tip from the dry cleaners for moving clothing on hangers. Wrap several pieces in a large, upside-down trash bag with a drawstring, making a hole in the center for the hanger hooks to pop through. Wrap the hooks with a twist tie and cinch the drawstring to keep clothing clean and contained. To hang, simply remove the trash bag and twist tie. 

Invest in a push-cart or wagon to move lots of small items at once, and purchase a rubber doorstop to prop the main door open while you’re moving items. For good karma, pass it on to another family who may need it. Make your moving process extra-speedy and more fun by enticing student helpers with boxes of donuts and fresh-baked muffins.

3. Learn the Art of Saying Goodbye

The most difficult thing for parents on college move-in day is saying goodbye. Once things are in place and your child is comfortable, it’s time to go. To make this painful transition easier, have a heart-to-heart talk before you get to campus. Discuss expectations for college, express your love and support for your child, and give plenty of warm hugs. This way, you can keep your final goodbye short and sweet. Once home, keep in regular contact and offer encouragement, but allow your child the space to really enjoy college life. 

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