By Andrea Ditter-Middleton

According to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, American workers travel more than 400 million miles a year on long-distance business trips. If you are one of the professionals logging those extensive miles, you may feel like the road is actually your “home.”

When you operate out of two different places for work, stress and fatigue are probably a fact of life. Having a comfortable space waiting at the end of a long day, regardless of where you are in the world, helps you stay healthy and happy during your off hours. Consider these easy ways to make any home away from home feel like it’s where you belong.

Treat Your Senses

Even when a home is temporary, it doesn’t have to feel that way. You interpret your surroundings using all five senses, but none of the senses are more closely linked to memory than scent. Use a favorite air freshener or a diffuser with essential oils to activate your sense of smell and remind you of home. If you don’t normally use these types of products, go to a candle store, and find a smell that appeals to your senses and makes you feel happy or peaceful. Literally infuse a sense of happiness into your temporary space to make it feel familiar.

Add a Personal Touch

Make a temporary space your own with small additions. Take your favorite throw pillows or framed photographs with you, for example. If you love specific color schemes or decorating styles, add some wall art in each room to match your taste. Potted plants add a simple personal touch that brings life to a room while inspiring a sense of responsibility and ownership.

Reduce Stress Where You Can

U.S. Census Data from 2010 indicates people move an average of 11.7 times in their lifetimes, but that does not account for all the professionals who travel for work. For these professionals, relocating as often as once a year is common, and it is critical to make a temporary home comfortable and personal to minimize stress.

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Andrea Ditter-Middleton is a professional writer and teacher whose knowledge and work covers a variety of fields from education and finance to travel and home improvement. In addition to teaching writing and literature to community college students, Andrea is a regular contributor to and Her work has also appeared on Credit Sesame, ChildsWork, and