No Place Like (a New) Home for the Holidays

Moving into a new place typically brings a certain amount of anxiety about the transition, and those feelings can be even more intense during the holiday season. Whether you’re moving during the holidays or you just settled into a new place, it’s important to minimize feelings of stress or loneliness. Understanding the challenges can help you prepare for your first celebration in your new home and could even lead to a few new traditions.

Catharine Ecton, a life coach who specializes in change and new beginnings, says your attitude as the holidays approach makes a big difference in how you handle it.

“Be adventurous,” she advises. “Leave behind your old traditions and begin to build new ones. Put yourself in a positive mindset of finding opportunities to learn and discover different traditions.”

In addition to experiencing the excitement of moving to a new place, it’s important to acknowledge the coming changes in routines and relationships that are important to you. Recognize that it’s normal to feel a sense of loss and grief in addition to your excitement and happiness about your new adventure. “A period of grieving is okay as you settle into a new routine and create a new community,” Ecton says.


A Family Affair

A Family Affair

If you’re moving with family, everyone won’t react to the move in the same way. “Take your time to talk through the holiday activities with your family,” Ecton advises. “Make or buy simple decorations, and retrieve some of your old ones from packing boxes. Reorient yourself to a new chapter, a new beginning.”

For children, it’s especially important to talk about how things will be different and to listen to their fears or concerns. They may miss some activities from their old city or neighborhood, so this is a great time to look for new things to do to create new holiday traditions.

“Notice what is like and not like where they used to live,” Ecton says. “Accept and adapt to differences through discussions and creative activities, such as making crafts, becoming involved in your neighborhood, or spending time with families from school.”

Of course, it’s also important to stay connected to friends and family. Use social media tools like Facebook Live and Snapchat to stay in touch and share details of your new life. Emails, texts, and Instagram are also good ways to maintain a connection.

“Be spontaneous, joyful, and enthusiastic in your new home,” Ecton recommends. “Not everyone has an opportunity to learn and grow from relocating to a different place.”

Claim Your Space


Claiming Your Space

Regardless of the time of year you relocate, moving into a new place means unpacking, decorating, and reevaluating what you own and what you really need. Doing this during the holidays adds a few extra lines to your to-do list, but it can be a good way to inspire excitement about your new place.

Decorating in the same way you have traditionally decorated for the season makes everything feel more familiar and “home-like.” Diane Schmidt of the home and lifestyle advice site The Spruce recommends surrounding yourself with familiar items like family keepsakes and holiday ornaments to make it feel more comfortable. On the other hand, if you find that familiar items make you feel homesick or sad, then treat it as a good time to purchase some new holiday accessories to put you on the right track.

One way to make a new space feel like home is to invite guests over for some fun and socializing. You’re certain to meet new people in your new location, even if it’s only new work acquaintances at first. Hosting a dinner party or a fun night of games gives you a chance to get to know new potential friends. Go a step further and encourage the people you invite to bring a guest. You might be surprised to learn how many folks welcome the opportunity to meet new people and spend the holidays building new traditions.

As you learn more about your new surroundings and put your new space together, you have a lot of decisions to make. With locations all across the globe, CORT Furniture Rental can help with quick and easy options to turn your new space into the place you call home.