How to Make Moving Easier and Less Stressful with Relocation Services

If you’ve ever had to relocate, then you know there’s typically not much time to waste. Companies give employees about four weeks to move and report to work after they accept a formal transfer offer, according to relocation software company UrbanBound. That’s not much time to find a new home, pack, and move. If you’re a military member called to relocate, you may get deployed soon after the move, giving you little time to settle in and acclimate to a new city.

Relocation management companies and destination services providers help ease the stress of moving so you can focus on your job and your family. Services include coordinating transportation, helping you find a new home and sell your existing home, and helping you get familiar with a new area. If needed, pet relocation services help fly your pet safely to his or her new home.

Costs of Relocating

Are relocation moving services expensive? If you’re an employee and your company offered you a relocation package, you’ll pay little to no cost. In addition, the military usually covers relocation services for service members.

Many relocation packages cover the costs around selling your home, house- and apartment-hunting expenses, moving expenses, and other incentives unique to the employees’ needs. Companies may either cover these costs or offer a lump sum.

“It is common for employers to provide a stipend to cover moving costs and sometimes even your initial rent until you find a more permanent residence,” says Kelly McClenahan, moving and organizational expert at Price Self Storage.”Average relocation packages range from $10,000 to $20,000.”

Jackie Rowan, Area Manager for CORT Destination Services, also notes, “The cost of a relocation program varies depending on services provided, whether employees move nationally or internationally, and the level of support that is authorized.”

When you consider the time saved on moving and all the related hassles, using a relocation service makes good financial sense. Relocation management companies partner with companies such as CORT Destination Services to provide on the ground support. Here are a few ways destination services teams can make moving easier.

Speed Up the Home Search

Whether you plan to rent, own, or move to a temporary apartment, a relocation company—with the help of their destination services counterpart on the ground—helps you find the right home in a neighborhood that suits your lifestyle.

Tell your destination services consultant your wish list for home type, size, neighborhood, commute time, nearby schools, and other data. The consultant then gets to work, scouring the local market for good options.

You’ll spend an afternoon touring a handful of handpicked homes rather than spend weeks searching the internet.  Once you’ve selected your home, the consultant will usually help with your lease application,  as well as utilities and insurance—all those details that need to be handled when moving to a new place.

Coordinate the Move 

A few weeks doesn’t give you much time to pack. Fortunately, relocation management companies ensure your household goods get to your destination on time. If you need help packing and unpacking, they’ll align with a full-service moving company. Many major moving companies offer packing services, custom crating for fragile items, electronics service and installation, and more.

Find a Good School

Your new home’s location often hinges on school districts and school choices. A relocation management company can help assess your needs early in the process and find a school that best suits your child.

CORT Destination Services helps identify  schools before beginning the home-finding process. Consultants prepare a list of options based on your child’s age, language skills, and interests, as well as coordinate school tours and guide you through the application and admission process.

Get Settled

Where’s the nearest supermarket? Where can I buy a new suit? How do I get a driver’s license in a new state or country? A relocation company or destination services specialist answers all these questions and more. If you’re moving to the US from abroad, they may also help you apply for your Social Security number, while if you’re moving away from the US, they can help with complicated paperwork such as applying for a Visa.

Provide Specialized Services

Relocation management companies offer a broad range of services, and most tailor a package to meet your needs. Aside from the basics of moving and getting acclimated, these companies can help with any number of additional details, such as:

• Helping to find a language tutor for you and/or your family

• Helping with your spouse’s job search

• Coordinating furniture rental

• Coordinating pet relocation services

• Designing corporate relocation packages

• Providing relocation program data

When you’re moving, the logistics of relocating furniture can be difficult. Let CORT Furniture Rental furnish your home with stylish, quality furniture for the long or short term.

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