Relocation Services: What does it include?

relocation servicesSome of you may have used CORT’s relocation services in the past for work related moves, temporary assignments, or in the wake of damaging natural disasters. For those of you who have not, our overarching term for a multi-faceted service may overwhelm you at first. There are so many components of the “Destination Services” website! And that is because there are many comprehensive elements that are associated with moving to a new city or country. During the times in life where moving or relocating is a necessity, especially when time is of absolute essence, CORT does everything possible to make the transition as seamless as possible.

How does this system work? To put it simply, we cater to your needs. Each case is different, which is why CORT has specialists that will have a one-on-one discussion with you about your unique situation, and how we can help, through a pre-arrival assessment. Once we understand your circumstances, we can then build a plan for you with the array of relocation services we offer. But, before we even begin our search for your new house or apartment, we make sure you are familiar with your new moving area. There are CORT professionals located nationally (and even abroad) who will give you tours of neighborhoods and advice about apartments and housing that is best for you and your family’s needs. Our area orientation services cover everything from finding nearby grocery stores to using the public transportation system. We know that finding the perfect school is crucial to easing the transition of moving for children. That is why we also provide schooling assistance to help you locate schools and organize proper testing requirements and procedures. Depending on your needs, CORT can help you find reliable movers or we can fully furnish homes in the event that you can only really bring a few suitcases and yourself!

Temporary housing or permanent relocation does not need to be uncomfortable or a complete hassle. Even after your move, CORT can help you acclimate to your new digs. Our settling-in services include assistance with utility hookups, social security procedures, and assistance with finding a new automobile. Now, do not worry about your next move! Let CORT help you through our relocation services!

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