Relocation Services: Planning Ahead

Rental FurnitureMoving somewhere entirely new can be a major adventure for a single person, let alone a family. Relocating an entire organization, adding new business locations, even shuffling employees to new locales adds a challenging logistical complication to an already complex operation. Yet, proper preparation, planning and expertise can make a crucial difference between wasted time and money or a seamless transition.

Just as organizations hire consultants and agencies to provide assistance based on their expertise, a business needs quality relocation services to help lead the way and manage the logistical challenges associated with a major change such as relocation. With CORT, relocation services are part of our core competency as a business, which means our clients can focus on their core competencies and not on spending countless hours finding hotels, employee housing and apartments, furniture rental solutions, utilities and even rental cars.

Of course, new and unfamiliar surroundings can be stressful on employees and the business. Logistics of helping get businesses to the destination are only one part of the equation; employees can often feel uncomfortable in a new environment. That’s why we do more than just provide rental furniture services for our clients. Area orientation is always a part of the bigger picture, one that helps address and alleviate many employee concerns about transitioning. CORT experts provide tours and overviews of neighborhood schools, stores, restaurants, recreation and more. Becoming more acquainted with an area ahead of time can ease the stress and burden on employees and managers during a major change.

Relocation services are not just designed for entire departments or organizations with a large number of employees migrating. From one employee to an entire business, each facet of CORT relocation is scalable and will help you plan, prepare and execute a move no matter how big or how small. Then, you can spend time and effort focused on the big picture – your business!