The Five Best US Cities for Tech Jobs

Move over, Silicon Valley! If you’re looking to move to a city saturated with tech jobs, know that the Bay Area isn’t your only option.

Silicon Valley is undoubtedly a tech hub. However, for many people, the con of high-cost living is enough to outweigh the Bay Area’s pros. Through this list, you can take a tour of five cities where you’ll have a good chance of finding a lucrative and exciting career in the tech field. Once you decide on a town, CORT Furniture Rental can help you get settled in advance! Here are the five best cities for tech jobs.

Seattle, WA

Take your career to the next level in Seattle, Washington! Known in the past for its punk and grunge influence, the city has reinvented itself over the years to cater to the tech community. In addition to its tech population, it continues to offer a vital arts scene, as well as plenty of gorgeous parks and year-round outdoor activities.

Finding a job in another state doesn’t have to be challenging, especially if you’re looking for a tech job in Seattle. Plus, Emerald City is home to Amazon and Microsoft’s main campuses, so new talent is always welcome!

Austin, TX

If you haven’t heard by now, Austin is absolutely buzzing with tech jobs. Several major tech companies have relocated here in the past couple of years, making Texas’s capital a significant rival of Silicon Valley.

For music enthusiasts, the Live Music Capital of World lives up to its name by hosting the festivals Austin City Limits and South By Southwest each year. This fun and youthful city also houses the University of Texas at Austin, and the student population only enhances its liveliness and diversity.

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Chicago, IL

Chicago has long earned its stripes as a major U.S. economic hub. With that said, it’s successfully kept up with the rest of the top tech players.

Although it’s not necessarily up-and-coming, Chicago is one of the best cities for software engineers to land a high-paying job. These days, a vast amount of important tech companies exist within the city’s richly historic district, giving you plenty of potential employers to choose from.

Denver, CO

Denver has a laid-back feel and an impressive tech presence. Denver offers the best of both worlds for those who like to balance their workweek with outdoorsy weekends. It’s home to abundant hiking trails and parks, as well as a contemporary food scene and local brewery galore.

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Portland, OR

If you’re trying to find a great tech job, Portland could be the place for you. Over the past decade or so, the city has maintained its reputation as an ideal landing spot for young professionals.

In terms of Portland tech jobs, this city is in it for the long haul. This dynamic hub is home to many exciting startups that promise profitable futures. Many major players in the sports and outdoors industry also call the Rose City their home, and with e-commerce and wearable tech becoming the standard, there’s no shortage of tech jobs to be found in these companies either.

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