5 Things You’ll Love About Virginia Beach

Being stationed in a new city brings with it a sense of adventure and perhaps a bit of uncertainty, especially if you’re moving with a family. To ensure the move is a positive one, it’s important to make sure the new environment offers something for everyone.

If you’re moving to Virginia Beach, VA, there’s a lot to love about this thriving city. Ranked No. 69 on U.S. News & World Report’s list of best places to live, Virginia Beach combines a resort-like environment with a family-friendly mindset. The area is home to several air force and naval bases, and the predominant military presence creates a strong community of like-minded individuals who make the area immediately feel more like home.

The military presence is also apparent in city-wide events like the Oceana Air Show and the Virginia Beach Patriotic Festival, both of which celebrate the armed forces. As you prepare to move, check out a few other things to look forward to while you’re stationed in Virginia Beach.

The Beach

The beaches are clean, pristine, and always spectacular, and those sandy shores have made Virginia Beach home to some great events, including the International Sand Sculpting Championship, one of the many events featured at the annual Neptune Festival. This blowout festival attracts more than half a million visitors each year for symphony concerts, regattas, volleyball tournaments, parades, and more. In between official events, there’s even a little time for strolling on the beach, playing in the water, and just soaking up the sun.

Climbing Mount Trashmore

Don’t let the name fool you. Mount Trashmore is the crown jewel of Virginia Beach’s renowned park system, which includes 265 parks. This 60-foot-tall hill is 800 feet long and one of two man-made hills on the sprawling 165-acre Mount Trashmore Park.

What makes it so unique — and gives it its unique name — is that it’s built on a former landfill that has been layered with clean soil. It marks the highest point in the city, and the surrounding park is also home to a pair of lakes, a smaller hill, two playgrounds, and a skateboard park.

It’s Always “Game On”

What’s your game? Whether it’s golf, volleyball, or surfing, you’re in the right place. The West Coast may have bragging rights as the surfing capital, but Virginia Beach is home to the East Coast Surfing Championship for a reason.

With 11 public golf courses and 36 military holes, Virginia Beach is also a mecca for golfers. If that’s not your game, the town has a large volleyball following. Whether you want to watch a pro match or play a pickup game on the beach, you won’t be alone.

There’s Lots of Culture

Regardless of your favorite art, it’s easy to find it in Virginia Beach. If you want to stay near the beach, take in the Boardwalk Art Show to enjoy beautiful art with the ocean as a backdrop. If you prefer your art inside, head to the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art to see many exhibits running simultaneously, or visit The Artists Gallery, a cooperative studio and art gallery featuring multiple artists.

The Farmers’ Market Is Fabulous

You’re in for a tasty treat when you hop on board the local food movement. On Saturdays, the Old Beach Farmers Market is home to local vendors serving up everything from baked goods and fresh fruits and vegetables to artisanal foods and wines from local wineries. Don’t miss the amazing array of seafood and organic meats. Just visiting the market is an experience, but wait until you taste what’s waiting for you!

As you settle into your new surroundings and explore what Virginia Beach has to offer, let CORT Furniture Rental make it easy to turn your space into a great place to come home to.