Wedding Trends You’ll See in 2017

Wedding trends change from year to year. While there are classic designs that will never go out of style, each year brings with it new statements in color and themes. As wedding season starts up, here are the top wedding trends you can expect to see in 2017.

  1. Bringing Back Bold Colors. This season, be on the lookout for bold and bright color pairings. You can also expect to see grey and white to serve as neutral bases, with shades of blue, green, purple and pink layered for maximum effect. If you’re looking for innovative seating for your wedding guests, consider implementing Marche Ottomans You can also bring in bold accent pillows and rugs to get color into your design while sticking to a budget.


  1. Finding the right mix: In recent years, we’ve seen the farm-to-table trend take off, and you can expect to see it again this year, but with a twist. Look for rustic woods and greenery paired with marble and metallics for a more refined look. The mixture of materials, including black metal with natural woods and shiny metallic, create a surprisingly sophisticated urban vibe that is more accessible to today’s millennial couples. To add a refined element to your décor, consider using Hayworth tables.


  1. Using Natural Décor: Greenery was recently announced as this year’s Pantone Color of the Year, so don’t be surprised to see earthy themes in event design. Couples interested in incorporating green elements into their wedding planning can do so through different accessories, such as lifelike Boxwood Hedges. Also, consider incorporating natural elements like marble, wood and stone into your table settings to further incorporate this theme into your wedding. CORT’s selection of lifelike greenery, Rustique wood dining and Alondra marble accent tables can be the perfect final touch to your setup.

While no wedding is the same, many of them have similar feels when it comes to style and design. This year, break free from the ordinary and access your creativity with these trends. Don’t be afraid to branch out and put your own spin on some of the hottest trends this wedding season!