Turn Your Apartment Into a Modern Farmhouse

It’s time to stop daydreaming and start transforming your plain space into a charming modern farmhouse apartment that Chip and Joanna would be proud of! Take a look at this room-by-room guide on how CORT can help you get the look and feel you’ve always dreamed of.

Let’s Talk Style

Color Palette

When creating a modern farmhouse look, stick to neutral tones like whites, creams, tans, greys, and soft shades of blue, green, pink, and yellow. Try these palettes to create the tranquil and homey vibe you want:

  • White, beige, and blush pink or dusty rose
  • Ivory, taupe, and light olive or sage green
  • Light grey, dark grey, white, and light blue or lavender
  • White, light grey, and pale or butter yellow


Most modern-farmhouse furniture is clean, simple, and understated. Minimize mixing and matching too many pieces to achieve a more sophisticated style. Avoid anything ornate or elaborate and stick to comfortable furniture with more geometric, mid-century modern designs. Feel free to lean into the “rustic” side with repurposed pieces.

Textiles & Materials

When choosing textiles and materials, think “all-natural” as a standard. Stick to:

  • Wood, both finished and reclaimed
  • Linen and cotton
  • Leather
  • Warm metals like copper, brass, or gold
  • Organic materials like wicker, rattan, jute, and sisal
  • Shiplap

Let’s Discuss Décor

Your modern farmhouse apartment decor should be simple. Play with textiles and pops of color but be sure to stick to the style rules listed above. Have fun, and lean into your preferences: modern (incorporate metal and glass) or rustic (embrace wood and ceramic). These details have “modern farmhouse” written all over them:

  • Pretty scented candles
  • Art consisting of nature-themed photos, watercolor landscapes, or calming abstract paintings
  • Large area rugs
  • Throw pillows and cozy blankets
  • Lamps made of white porcelain or ones with a modern metal base

Let’s Get to It


Try these simple steps to make your entryway warm and inviting to anyone who steps through your door:

  1. Lay a rug or a runner in the doorway — augment the space with a neutral pattern, Oriental-style motif, or pop of color.
  2. Set up a small table with a catch-all dish and a ceramic vase with flowers or greenery.
  3. Hang a photo, art piece, or large mirror over the table.

Living Room

Create a cozy space that will make your guests feel at home with modern farmhouse living room furniture and décor like this:

  1. Opt for a rectangular wooden coffee table and end tables.
  2. Chairs can be classic and neutral or provide a little more flair like this one or this one.
  3. Cover sofas (and chairs, too) with white slipcovers for an easy makeover.
  4. Decorate with wicker baskets filled with extra pillows or blankets.
  5. Drape a throw blanket over the back of a chair or on a wooden ladder.

Dining Room

These farmhouse dining room decor ideas will bring everyone to the table:

  1. A harvest table is the most iconic farmhouse style, but a round one is a great option for a smaller space — either way, you can’t go wrong if it’s made of whitewashed or reclaimed wood.
  2. Wooden cross-back chairs and metal cafe chairs are both popular styles for a modern-farmhouse look. Or, for a rectangle table, opt for benches in lieu of chairs.
  3. Style a bar cart or small sideboard in the corner of the room with pretty glasses and bar tools. Dress it up further with cookbooks, flowers, or a decorative bowl of lemons and limes.


No rooster motif or gingham here — these tips will give your kitchen an elegant farmhouse look without sacrificing function.

  1. Let a large wooden cutting board or butcher’s block live on the counter at all times.
  2. Line up a few cookbooks, whether they’re well-loved or purely cosmetic, on the counter along the wall.
  3. Display pretty ceramic containers of flour, sugar, and other basics.
  4. Drape a flour sack towel (kitschy saying optional) on the oven door for a charming touch.


Try these suggestions for a serene and cozy bedroom— just remember, the important thing is that it’s your personal oasis.

  1. Refinish an old dresser and nightstand to give it a rustic look.
  2. Coordinate the bed frame and headboard with the rest of the furniture using refinished wood, vintage metal, or tufted fabric.
  3. Try white bedding (cotton or linen) with one or two neutral throw pillows. If you prefer patterns, try a thin stripe or quatrefoil lattice design and drape a blanket across the foot of the bed.
  4. Lay a large area rug on the floor to warm the room.
  5. Tuck an armchair in the corner for a cozy nook.


Even your bathroom can be transformed into a modern farmhouse dream — just try these easy changes:

  1. Use wicker baskets for stylish and functional storage.
  2. Try Turkish towels in a solid or stripe as an alternative to your everyday bath towels.
  3. Swap out branded hand soap bottles for decorative dispensers. Go ahead and get the matching tumbler and soap dish, too.
  4. Display a combination of practical items, like a basket of hand towels or jar or cotton swabs, and pretty knickknacks, like a decorative candle or a bud vase, on the counter or shelves.

Don’t wait till your forever home comes around — this is the time to make your interior design dreams come true! Turn your temporary apartment into a modern farmhouse-inspired home with furniture rentals from CORT!

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