Close Out Summer with a Patio Makeover

Santa Barbara Outdoor FurnitureThe summer may be more than half way over, but it is not too late to create a fashionable yet functional patio or outdoor space to help you soak up the rest of the warmer months. In addition to serving as a great way to relax or entertain guests, patios are an extension of your home so it is important that they reflect your personal style. To help you get started, we’ve put together design tips for creating the outdoor space of your dreams.

Stick with the style of your house

When designing your patio, take into consideration the design of your house. For example, if you live in a modern home, choose furniture and materials that reflect that style.

The convenience factor

Take into account where your electrical outlets are located while arranging your furniture in order to optimize flexibility in lighting or other outdoor appliances. This will allow you to keep your patio well-lit even as the days are getting shorter.

Materials matter

The sturdiest outdoor furniture is typically made from metal, teak, cedar or all-weather wicker. Stick with these durable materials to have a look that will stand up over time.

Choose dual purpose pieces

To maximize storage, opt for double-duty furniture pieces that offer places to stow seat cushions or other items while they are not being used. This will help extend the life of your upholstery and keep your outdoor space organized.

Accentuate with color

Add pops of color in your outdoor space to contrast nature’s hues by adding through lively pillows or vibrant accent pieces. It serves as a less costly approach to personalizing your space.

Creating a functional and fashionable outdoor space that reflects your personal style is just as important as perfecting the interior of your house. Fortunately, extending your home into Mother Nature can be much less of a daunting task when you begin with a plan and follow these simple tips. CORT also offers a wide variety of outdoor furnishings to suit your needs and help you take on the great outdoors.