Planning your Space Leads to Greater Productivity

space planningThere is a bright spot in commercial real estate, and it’s streaming through floor-to-ceiling windows in office spaces around the country. From traditional businesses to tech startups, modern, open workspaces are all the rage in major metropolitan areas across the country.

Several factors are contributing to the move toward open, multifunctional workspaces. One of the reasons is that office spaces are a lot smaller than they were 40 years ago due to economic constraints and a rise in telecommuters.  This shift has caused companies to be more creative with how their employees work together in their limited space.

The trend toward more collaborative workspaces is also driving change in commercial furnishings as companies forego traditional, closed-off cubicle layouts for open floor plans that breed productivity and employee satisfaction.

Leaders in commercial furnishings such as CORT offer customers space planning services to help plan the space to get the most productivity out of their workforce. CORT can create professional floor plans which enable the customer to choose the preferred design and right product for the space before the first piece of furniture is delivered.

CORT is also meeting the needs of mobile workers requiring “touch-down” spaces with inventory such as a rolling pedestal file with a cushion on top that doubles as a guest seat. Mobile furnishings are just one new addition to CORT’s inventory in anticipation of increased demand for open workspace solutions.

So, once the lease has been signed, contact professional space planners like CORT to help you optimize the work environment for a big impact on your bottom line!