Home Staging Services Featured on “The Celebrity Apprentice”

home stagingHome staging services, one of the many relocation-related products offered by CORT, were on utilized during a recent episode of NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice, proof that this growing industry continues to gain mainstream support.

During the episode, contestants on the popular reality show, including celebrities Cyndi Lauper and Holly Robinson Peete, were charged with the task of staging an apartment in New York.  In order to find the appropriate furnishings, they turned to CORT, the renowned furniture rental and relocation services provider.  After selecting the furniture necessary to create a “New York zen” feel, they outfitted the apartment and staged it.  (For a more in-depth treatment of how home staging was used during the episode, along with more about CORT and its array of offerings, read the affiliated press release.)

Home staging is a relatively new practice, but as Lauper and Peete might be able to attest, it can be a highly effective one when done effectively.  The process of home staging refers to renting furniture to place in an empty house or apartment in anticipation of prospective buyers or renters coming by to check the place out.

The benefits of such a practice are twofold: First, when approached with professionalism and a degree of expertise, the furniture can accentuate the best features of a space, giving a prospective tenant an idea of what a place could look like at its most optimal.  Secondly, a smartly outfitted home will stick out more in the minds of potential purchasers, making the property easier to remember when the home buyer is ready to make a decision.

CORT offers a nationwide staging network, complete with professional stagers who can work with the unique attributes of your property in the  best way possible.  They’re experts when it comes to preparing a home for resale or an apartment for rent.  We’ll be able to help you select the best home furniture for your needs.  We can also provide you with a host of other helpful moving options, including relocation services.  No matter where you’re going or how you’re getting there, we’ll be able to help.