It can be rather difficult to find quality Seattle furniture stores.  Just like anywhere, there’s a large number of them spread throughout the city, and they aren’t often the target of social media reviews like restaurants, so it can be hard to determine which ones offer the highest quality furniture.

What’s more, you’re most often looking for furniture when you’ve just moved, and that can be a time filled with new beginnings and rewarding—if often stressful—situations.  It’s safe to say that trying to determine the best  furniture store in the area is not on the top of many people’s lists when it comes to scoping out their new cities.

Thankfully, CORT’s unparalleled furniture rental and clearance furniture locations can come to the rescue.  Whether you’re looking for home or office furniture to rent or to buy, CORT will have you covered.  There are two locations in the Seattle area, one in Redmond and one in Tukwila.  You can rent furniture from both locations and can also buy clearance furniture from the Tukwila store.  With CORT, you always know you’ll be getting an excellent product at a fair price.

If you’re thinking about a Seattle relocation, give CORT’s comprehensive suite of services a shot.  Using our excellent, highly customizable apartment search tools, you can have your pick from a bevy of Seattle apartments, one that will match your budgetary and location needs.  Once you’ve landed, furnish your apartment with a selection of our clearance furniture, or simply rent furniture from our Seattle rental furniture location.  Feel free to use our destination services to help you hit the ground running and develop a working familiarity with your new town.

All these services, used in tandem, can dramatically ease a relocation transition, no matter how momentous.  Our services are also scalable, meaning we can go to bat for you whether you’re moving yourself or are relocating an entire office.  CORT: Wherever you’re going, we’ll be there.