Our hearts go out to those impacted by the devastation of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

As communities in Texas and Florida work together to recuperate from the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, CORT is dedicated to helping with recovery efforts. We are incredibly proud of the many CORT team members who volunteered to travel from across the country to cities in Texas and Florida to work overtime and help deliver furniture to those who need it most. From feeding the National Guard to providing furniture to a veteran nearing his 100th birthday, our team members have gone above and beyond serving their communities.

In the coming months as these cities rebuild, CORT will continue to help the people, properties and government agencies that need our services.

CORT Helps WWII Vet Bill Fly Recover From Flooding

CORT is helping furnish this 99-year-old WWII veteran’s home after it flooded during Hurricane Harvey. Volunteers are determined to help him get back into his home before his 100th birthday. Watch his story on KHOU


Community Potluck After Hurricane Harvey

CORT’s Maris Metzler threw together a community “Pot Luck” after the hurricane with her neighbors. They had such an enormous turnout that they took the extra food to the military at the SL airport. They were doing rescues and ground support after the flood.


Orlando Helps Weston Park After Hurricane Irma

The strength of hurricanes can easily make the most mobile individuals incapable of getting from point A to point B in a breeze. For the elderly and those with disabilities, trying to obtain supplies during a storm like Hurricane Irma is next to impossible.

Sabrina D’Ali-Mendoza, DMG for Orlando, recently worked closely with her staff to raise money and donations forWeston Park, a local property with a large elderly population, after the property manager asked for assistance via Facebook. Many seniors had a hard time getting downstairs to get supplies since the elevator was out of order due to the property losing power.

Due to her quick actions and kind gesture, Sabrina was able to make a connection with the property and CORT even received a kind thank you from Ashley Martin, the property manager, via social media.


CORT’s Karen Mullins Organizes Collection of Baby Donations

Karen Mullins collected baby items for victims who were preparing to give birth within days of Hurricane Harvey. Becoming a first-time grandmother encouraged her to be proactive in this effort as she took to Facebook to ask her neighborhood for donations.