Top Considerations for Tenting Your Summer Party

As warmer weather approaches, we all look to spend more time outdoors. When an afternoon in the sun turns sour with a summer storm, having a tent for your event can save the party. Tenting your event gives your guests the best of both worlds by offering the fun of the sun and protection from some of the less glamorous elements. Keep the following in mind to help you plan the party of the season.

Photo courtesy of Bethalee Photography, Sinclair and Moore Events

Plan It Out

Once you have decided on the location of your outdoor event, there are certain things to consider before the tent installation. The first factor to consider is the ground surface where the tent will be placed. Take a good look around the area and consider any obstructions that could get in the way. This could include fountains, power lines, or pipes underground that can pop up as problems on the day of your event. Be sure the ground is level and that there is plenty of perimeter space, at least ten to fifteen feet on all sides. Besides ease of mobility and construction, you’ll need to factor in room for the stake lines that lead from the tent to stakes. Plan your logistics in advance of the event for smooth sailing on set-up day.

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Safety First

When it comes to tenting an event, guest safety is the most important element. Any seasoned tenting professional will tell you that staking is a better option than ballasting, but your venue may make that decision for you. Some surfaces, like patios or parking garages, do not allow for staking, which would mean you need to ballast your tent to secure it during your event.

When staking the tent, you’ll want to keep in mind that the stake ropes run 5-10’ away from the tent and attach to the stake. Ballasting, the use of steel or concrete weights, is another option to secure the tent. Tents are engineered to be staked and that is the manufacturer’s recommended process to secure a tent. Tents can be dangerous if not installed properly, so be sure you’ve made the safest choice for your guests as prepare for your event. Also, ensure that you have an emergency evacuation plan in place for severe weather.

Safety is always the priority, so ensure that your event is planned in advance and follows all your local tenting codes. Choosing a professional tenting partner will keep your event guests safe and your celebration one that your attendees will remember for years to come.

Photo courtesy of Matthew Land, Gather Events

Make it beautiful 

Depending on your vision for the event, selecting the right feel and look for your gathering starts with your tent. Different tent styles require different set-up processes, so factor in logistics and budget when deciding which is right for your venue. Pole tents use center poles, which can obstruct views, but can be used to add lighting and decorations around the tent. In addition, pole tents like the Tidewater tent have a unique profile and canvas that evokes a vintage feel. Frame tents are easily constructed and can range in size from 10×10 all the way up to a 50’ width and infinite lengths. For larger projects, structure tents are commonly used with sizes ranging from 10’ up to 164’ in width. Want to bring in a little natural light for your event? Opt for clear canvas instead of traditional white canvas and let nature be part of your décor plan.

Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, you can deck your tent with many fun options. Tent walls can provide privacy and protection from the elements. Opt for elegant French doors to provide a grand entrance for your guests the moment they arrive. String lights across the top of the tent for a starry effect or hang majestic chandeliers from the beams to create a unique environment within your space. Upgrade the floor in your tent to a carpeted surface or even a wood deck to add a completely different feel for your celebration. Add in heat or cooling options to keep your guests comfortable. The options are only limited to your imagination!