How To Customize Your Event Space with Drapes and Lighting

When you’re planning your event and walk into an empty event hall, it’s easy to see a cavernous and nondescript space. But the truth is, that event hall is a blank canvas that gives you endless possibilities for customization. Your creativity and vision will bring the space to life.

One of the most versatile methods for transforming an event space is the use of drapery. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can do with drapes. Don’t just think of drapes as what you put along the walls or behind the stage — drapery brings a wealth of possibilities for taking your event space to another level.

Dividing Spaces

Use drapes to cordon off or divide spaces at your event with ease. When you set up drapes as a stage backdrop, be sure to set aside space for your backstage areas, and use drapes to designate those sections as distinct from public areas. Drapery also works well to divide a portion of the hall into rooms for breakout sessions or meetings, and it can become a subtle way to make wayfinding easier without signage.

Use drapery to set aside areas for conversation or eating. You can even use drapes to designate specific areas for attendees to make phone calls or get away from the hustle and noise for a few minutes. The right drapery configurations give you the ability to control your space and divide it in ways that suit your needs.

Creating Special Sections

Drapes don’t just give you functional benefits — you can also use them creatively to generate beautiful spaces for specific purposes. Make your bar area more inviting with dramatic drapes that draw attention to a space in the center of the event hall. Set up gorgeous VIP lounges or spaces to get away from the crowds.

When you think creatively with your drapery, you can create luxurious cabana areas that serve multiple functions, whether it’s a meet and greet space for a wedding, a gathering spot for strategic conversations, or simply a place for guests to relax and put their feet up.

Generating Buzz

No matter the purpose of your event — whether it’s a corporate gathering, a trade show, or a class reunion — you may have the opportunity to reveal something surprising or exciting. The right drapes can help you foster a sense of excitement and build anticipation for a surprise, especially when you utilize different drapes to usher guests from one area to another.

Be sure to set aside areas for your exhibit, and use drapery to cover up whatever it is you want to reveal. Utilize different colors of drape material and lighting for dramatic effects, and plan an exciting moment of revelation. As guests arrive, they’ll see that something special is about to take place, and the buzz will build surrounding the big moment. Have your staff pull the drapes back at the appropriate moments to create a reveal that will wow guests.

Bringing in Color and Texture

Traditionally, event planners have relied on a single color of drapery for every use at their events, but you’re not limited to just one. In fact, you can combine multiple colors of drapes for dramatic effects that bring a sense of dimension and texture to your event space. Think beyond monochrome and get creative with color.

Bring in multiple colors of drapery that fit corporate branding or the theme of the event. Use layers of different colored drapery — in complementary or contrasting colors — to give your walls a dimensional look. Tie layers of drapes in hourglass patterns to give pops of color to a space. Put different colors to use to designate special areas within your event space. If you’re hosting a multi-day event, move the drapery layers around to create a new theme for each day.

Utilizing Lighting

The drapery material itself isn’t your only opportunity to make a space look unique. Your lighting gives you even more chances to customize your event. Human beings respond to light and color by helping create a mood and evoking an emotional response, which reinforces the theme or message an event planner is trying to convey. Great lighting sets the mood, creates warmth, and is a cost-effective way to enhance the décor of an event. 

LED lighting is a safe and effective way to create drama and color. One of the best advantages that lighting effects give you is the ability to make changes to the look of your space throughout the course of the event. You can take the permanent lighting effects that inspire you in spaces you encounter and replicate them in your temporary event space.

Develop a lighting design that gives you flexibility. Use lighting to make subtle changes for different phases or sessions within your event, to create a specific mood, and to reinforce the messaging of your event. If the event starts in the daytime and continues into the night, adjust your lighting to reflect the time of day. If it’s a business event with a social component, design lighting effects that are fun and dramatic when appropriate. Lighting gives you added dimension and control over the look and feel of your event.

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