Celebrate a Huge Milestone in Style

With graduation season here, many high school and college seniors are preparing for their moment on the main stage. A graduation ceremony is a significant milestone for all students, worthy of proper recognition and celebration with family and friends. Given that the majority of graduation ceremonies take place in the spring, consider hosting your party outdoors to provide a colorful, natural backdrop for your guests (and it keeps the inside of your home clean!).


CORT’s event-planning experts offer a checklist to help you throw THE event of the season, making you the talk of the town:

Select a date

Check with family members and friends to make sure they are available on the day you would like to celebrate your graduation and make sure one of your classmates has not already scheduled their party on that day.

Consider a theme

Maybe you play on a sports team and want to incorporate your school colors or there was a current event that will always remind you of your academic life.  Whatever it might be, select a theme that will make sense to your guests and tell a little something about your experience throughout your school years.

Design and distribute invitations

With graduation season just around the corner, start designing your invitations immediately and send them out at least four weeks before your event.  If you decide to go with a theme, make sure that is carried through on the invitation.

Develop your menu

Select foods that remind you and your friends of the good times during your academic career.  Maybe a nod to the late night pizza deliveries for intense study sessions or snack foods that helped get you through finals, or consider catering your event from your favorite local hangout.

Rent furniture

Graduation parties can often be very large affairs.  The guest list typically includes family members, friends and neighbors, so you could end up hosting well over a hundred people.  Consider renting furniture from a company like CORT Events to provide comfortable seating and plenty of table space for cocktails, food items and photos from your life!