5 Event Management Trends to Use in Your Next Event

If 2020 has shown us one thing, it’s that the event industry is changing right before our eyes. The said, the lecture-and-breakout structure of events doesn’t have the appeal it once had, so event planners are making the most of new ideas and formats.

What we used to think of as the events of the future is right around the corner. You can take advantage of trends to make your event more meaningful and to make it stand out above the crowd. Here are five event management trends that you should make the most of when you plan your next event.

Hybrid Events

One of the biggest trends in event planning is hybrid events. Hosting a hybrid of online and in-person interactions allows more people to become part of your event, especially if attendees can’t travel or don’t want to be part of a crowd. Adding online components to your event allows attendees to engage with you and build trust.

You can start to create excitement early for your event by scheduling live streams and online breakouts ahead of the event. Early online gatherings can build anticipation for the exciting in-person sessions that follow. Online interactions also allow for more personal touches before the event starts. Be sure to use technology to make the online portion of your event as exciting and useful as the in-person event.

Non-Traditional Venues

For years, organizers have used the same sort of venues for their events, and every experience looked the same. Why does your event have to take place in a hotel ballroom? Innovation begins by thinking beyond the convention center and considering non-traditional venues for the events you plan.

Make your next event exciting by hosting it in an unexpected place. Outdoor venues, warehouses, barns, rooftops, gardens — the possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to unique event spaces. Use furniture and decor to give your event a striking look that matches your unusual venue choice and makes it truly memorable.


Technology is an integral part of everyone’s lives already, so why not harness it in your next event? New technology allows your attendees to achieve greater personalization of the events: apps, online registration, and social media all create new ways for event-goers to be part of the action.

Virtual reality and augmented reality aren’t the stuff of science fiction anymore. In fact, they’re more affordable than ever, so you should work this amazing tech into your next event. Use quizzes and surveys for fun as well as a great way to collect data. Designated quiet areas for phone calls as well as places for attendees to charge their devices.

Mindfulness and Wellness

Your event doesn’t have to be just informational — it can also be a way for attendees to recharge and rest from the everyday grind. You may not want to set up a spa experience or a yoga class, but you can create opportunities for mindfulness and wellness at your event.

Set aside quiet areas for contemplation or conversation and places for event-goers to take a break. Add quiet music to the space, and decorate it in a way that encourages relaxation and peace. The decor and atmosphere of your quiet spaces are important to allow attendees to get away from the stress of daily life. Even brief moments of quiet can go a long way in helping people feel comfortable and more mindful.

Smaller Events

Larger events may become a thing of the past after the events of 2020, and that’s not necessarily a problem. Smaller and more intimate gatherings can be more specialized and therefore more meaningful for attendees. A smaller event gives you the opportunity to carve out a unique niche appeal as well as better opportunities for inspiration, information, and fun.

The design of your space goes a long way in making your smaller event successful. Take out some of the chairs and open up the floor to provide opportunities for attendees to network and interact while maintaining proper social distance. Encourage conversation by placing comfortable seating in various areas of the venue. Decorating the venue can reflect the specialized appeal of a smaller event, too, so go out on a limb and make the atmosphere of your space exciting and memorable.

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