Insights for Expats: Patriots’ Day

Patriots’ Day is an unusual holiday in that it is only fully celebrated in three states – Maine, Wisconsin and, most especially, in Massachusetts.

Here are 5 other keys facts for expats to know about Patriots’ Day:

• It is celebrated on the third Monday in April – this year that means April 16th.

• The Boston Marathon is held on the same day to take advantage of the holiday weekend.

• The Boston Red Sox have now joined the celebration, starting a game at 11:05 AM, which gives fans time to watch the finish of the big race before that first pitch.

• Historically, Patriots’ Day commemorates two of the key battles of the American Revolution – the battles of Lexington and Concord.

• If you visit the site of the Battle of Concord, you can read Emerson’s words on the base of the statue of the famous Minuteman, “and fired the shot heard round the world.”