CORT Birmingham Supports Hatching Hope With Disaster Relief Efforts

This month, CORT Birmingham partnered with Hatching Hope, a non-profit that assists with local disaster relief efforts, to host a yard sale benefitting victims of apartment fires.

Founded by a mother and son who experienced a tragedy of their own, Hatching Hope assists families who are displaced because of apartment fires or other disasters. Often times, residents will be placed into temporary housing, but this can take up to a week. Hatching Hope is committed to being a resource during the first few days after a tragedy, supplying air mattresses, bedding, toiletries and other essentials to residents who have lost everything.

Hatching Hope recently hosted their second yard sale and CORT Birmingham was there to lend a helping hand. The proceeds benefitted Hatching Hope’s Apartment Fire Victim Boxes which include a blanket, pillow and toiletries. There were also special boxes made for children and pets.

Marcie Corser, a senior account representative at CORT, volunteered at the Hatching Hope yard sale and was thrilled by the day’s success. “The sale was packed with customers and it was touching to see friends come out from near and far to show their support,” said Corser. “CORT values making meaningful partnerships in our community and the support we received shows that.”

CORT Birmingham, along with other community partners, donated their time and resources to make the sale a huge success, together raising more than $7,000. These funds will allow Hatching Hope to support 200 apartment fire victims the next time disaster strikes.

Thank you to the Birmingham community for your support of this worthy cause!