Student Furniture Rental: Should You Find a Roommate or Live Alone?

student furniture rentalIn the coming months, students across the country will be buying supplies and books, making arrangements for their apartment and student furniture rental, and heading back to school for the fall semester. In recent blogs, we have addressed a series of issues related to this seasonal student migration. But perhaps the most difficult decision to make is whether or not to live with a roommate. In this week’s furniture blog, we want to offer you some points to consider as you make this choice.

There are many benefits to living alone. For one, the decorating choices are all yours. Whether you are choosing colors for your interior design or selecting student furniture rental pieces, there is no need to accommodate anyone else’s tastes, and there is plenty of room for all of the student furniture rental pieces you want and need. Furthermore, you and you alone are responsible for honoring your apartment or dorm and student furniture rental agreements. This eliminates the potential for conflicts over your roommate’s ability or willingness to make payments on time.  Living alone also means plenty of time for quiet study and privacy.

While having a roommate does come with the need for compromise and coordination, the benefits to having a roommate can be rewarding beyond measure. Of course there are practical benefits, such as having someone to share the apartment and student furniture rental expenses. If you are lucky enough to be in the same major, you may even be able to share books. But for many people, the benefits go far beyond sharing their student furniture rental expenses. Many students find that having a roommate helps them relieve stress and weave fun and play into their sometimes difficult schedules. Although conflicts can arise, these also present opportunities for growth. Sharing the challenges and experiences of becoming a self-supporting adult can build precious and irreplaceable bonds of friendship. Even the more challenging and frustrating experiences can become stories to laugh at later.

Whatever your choices about college living, we at CORT wish you the best of experiences. And if you want to continue the discussion online, come join us on Facebook.