How to Cohabitate with Your Roommate and Merge Personal Styles

How to Cohabitate

College offers students many first time opportunities—the first time moving away from home, the first time facing new and unknown situations and often and for many, the first time living with a roommate. Moving in with a roommate can present many unique challenges, including combining personal décor styles to create a comfortable home for all.  Learn how to merge your tastes to ensure that both you and your roommate are happy and at peace in your shared space.


Look for ways to merge your style with your roommate’s style and be flexible. Try to meet beforehand to discuss what kind of styles you can both appreciate in your shared space. Evaluate what design aspects are most important to you and what you are willing to sacrifice for harmony’s sake.


Go neutral

Opt for neutral furniture pieces and bedding to suit several design tastes. Neutral colors will create a simple, non-threatening environment that will not overpower a space. Punch up the décor with bright accessories and wall decals to add your own personal style.

Go Neutral

Pillow Toss

Accent pillows can help turn a drab room into a fab room without breaking the bank.  By tossing pillows onto your sofa and chairs, you can add a splash of color to your living space.   You and your roommate can each pick a pillow in your favorite color and pattern to demonstrate your flair for style!

Pillow Toss

Consider rental furniture

Rental furniture allows students to easily get furniture with minimal investment and maximum convenience. CORT offers a variety of student collections and flexible leasing options to accommodate every student. CORT also offers an “add a roommate” option that allows students to furnish additional bedrooms in different styles.

Consider Rental Furniture

Keep in mind that cohabitating requires maintaining a “give-and-take” attitude and open mind!