Graduation Survival Tips for College Seniors

With graduation season just around the corner, many college seniors are prepping for their big moment on the main stage. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, over 1.7 million students will graduate college as part of the class of 2013. CORT, a Berkshire Hathaway company, offers survival tips for students as they transition from college to postgraduate life.

Get Organized

In the chaos of final exams, extracurricular activities and pre-graduation events, many seniors can get overwhelmed. Get organized early on with a checklist to curb unnecessary stressors, like applying for graduation, returning textbooks and sharing graduation details with your family. Clean and tidy up your dorm or off-campus apartment and separate belongings that you want to keep versus those you want to sell or donate.


Graduating from college means that you will no longer see classmates and professors on a regular basis. Make sure to exchange current contact information or connect via social media to keep in touch post-graduation. Inviting your professors and peers to join your LinkedIn group provides a strong network of references in your job hunt or graduate school application process.

Have fun!

College graduation ceremonies are a special time for students. Make the most of your last few weeks in college and celebrate your accomplishments with friends and family! Your college experience deserves the perfect grand finale, make it count.

Plan for What’s Next

Unlike dormitories, most apartments and homes are not furnished. While lugging that free couch out of the basement is one option, out-of-pocket costs for moving and storing furniture can add up quickly, easily costing up to $1,000 to $2,000 per year. This coupled with the often temporary nature of postgrad living arrangements make furniture rental an ideal option for graduating seniors.

“We start with a basic student package to outfit a bedroom, living room and kitchen that can easily transition from a college apartment to a young professional’s first home,” said Lisa Woodworth, vice president of marketing for CORT. “For graduates and parents seeking a simpler solution to furnish a new space, rental furniture offers an affordable, convenient and flexible option that lets students focus on work or graduate school and avoid the sweltering heat, pulled muscles and short tempers that often flair up when moving furniture is involved.”

CORT, the only national provider of furniture rental, provides recent graduates tailored furnishing solutions to meet their unique needs. Rental furniture can be delivered or removed “on-demand,” ensuring renters maintain the highest quality living standards with the least hassle and no extra, hidden costs involved. Rental packages start at $109 per month with 12-month lease options; other lease terms including nine months are available. For more information on student rental packages, see

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