Make the Most out of Small Spaces—Fun and Functional Design Tips for Students

Make the most out of small spaces

The transition into a dorm or college apartment can be tough! Student housing units are small and students may feel cramped or uncomfortable in their new space.

Tips below help transform these small spaces from a claustrophobic cubicle into a student sanctuary.

Decorate with a light color palette

Softer colors like white and pastels reflect more light, making your space seem bigger and brighter. Consider selecting light bedding and small-scale furniture pieces to help open up your room and then use pillows and accessories to add a pop of color to your space.   You can purchase these items or opt for student furniture rental to save money and allow a larger budget for décor.

Go Neutral

Invest in multifunctional pieces

Save on space and stay organized by using furniture, accessories, and student furniture rental pieces that serve more than one purpose. For example, futons can easily convert from a casual sofa to a foldout bed. Similarly, storage chests can be used to house out-of-season clothing and serve as extra seating for group hangouts. Consider lofting your bed to provide even more storage. Be creative with the items that you purchase or rent from student furniture rental!

Invest in multifuntional pieces

Keep it simple

When in doubt, opt for sleek, simple décor over more intricate choices. Try to avoid ruffled window treatments or large, bold patterns that will shrink the room. Instead, channel minimalist designs that will make your space seem clean and refreshed, ideal to both study and rest.

Keep it Simple

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