College Student Furniture Rental

Student Furniture RentalCORT student furniture rental packages can provide you with flexibility when you are furnishing your first apartment during college. At a time in your life where you may not know what the coming years will bring with regards to jobs, future internship opportunities or additional schooling, CORT Furniture can provide you with temporary furnishings that suit your transitional lifestyle.

Student furniture rental is also ideal for those who live with roommates that have similar lifestyles and school plans during the year or semester. You can split the cost of furniture rental among your roommates and not have to worry about divvying up dinner table chairs and the living room couch when its time to move out. Another benefit of student furniture rental for your apartment is the ease of the moving-out and moving-in process itself! CORT Furniture professionals will move the furniture into your new apartment, and will also move it out at the end of your furniture lease. You will not even have to lift a finger! Without having to move heavy, large pieces of furniture around you may be able to cut some moving costs by having the flexibility to pack and move all other personal items by yourself, without movers. Its always great to have friends and family with SUV’s and pickup trucks to make the moving process easier!

If you cannot make the commitment to buying furniture during your college years, and you do not want to inherit your dad’s old college frat house couch from the 1980’s, furniture rental may be for you. Find a CORT Furniture store near your city on our website, and browse through the furniture packages for your area. You can even chat with us about any questions you have about our services or packages. Next week on the furniture blog, we will discuss inexpensive ways to organize and decorate your college apartment. We will be asking for tips from our Facebook and Twitter friends. If you have any innovative ideas, please share them with us through our social media channels.