College Move-In Day: What You Need to Know

The start of another school year is right around the corner! Whether you are returning for another year or beginning your very first semester, the process of moving into college housing or off-campus apartments can be stressful. Often times, it is hard to figure out where to even begin!

To help you through the process, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind.



1. Consider your distance from home.

How far you are going to be traveling will impact your packing list. For instance, if you are traveling across states, make sure to focus on packing the most essential items like your computer, clothes, and bedding. You can always purchase the smaller items such as toiletries and decorative items once you are all settled in. This will also help cut down on the amount of packing. On the other hand, if you will be close to home, focus on what you will need for those first couple of months. Don’t worry about bringing your winter coats and heavier clothing since you can always make a visit back home later into the school year.

2. Plan ahead.

Start your moving process early and get as much done as possible before the move. If possible, have your internet and cable set-up prior to moving in so everything will be ready once you’re all settled. Also, CORT’s furniture rental services can take the hassle out of moving by helping set-up and style your college housing or off campus apartment for you. You can visit the CORT Student page or call (855) 435-9133 to learn more about student packages.

3. Think about your space.

Most college dorms and off campus housing will provide you with photos and the dimensions of your room or apartment. Take a look at your living space before you start packing so you can make sure you aren’t bringing large items such as a futon or desk that won’t fit or are already provided to you.

4. Pack smart.

No matter how close you are to home, no one wants to make multiple trips back and forth so be resourceful! When packing fragile items, wrap them in t-shirts or towels that you are already planning on bringing with you to consolidate space. Also, try packing smaller items into larger bags, backpacks or storage containers to help condense your packing items.

Moving to college should be an exciting time so don’t let the stresses of moving get in the way. By planning ahead and staying organized, moving will be a breeze so you can enjoy your new place and get ready for the start of the school year!


Photo by La Miko from Pexels