College Move-In Day: 8 Ways to Make Your Student Apartment Feel Like Home

College move-in day is fast approaching, and while you’re excited about stepping out on your own, you may already be feeling nervous about leaving the home you love behind. There are a few simple things you can do right away to make living in a dorm or apartment feel more familiar and comfortable. Try a few of these tips to quickly turn a bare room into your own personal space.

1. Take a Bit of Home with You

If you anticipate feeling homesick, then decorate with a few items from your childhood bedroom. Seeing a familiar poster, relaxing beneath a well-worn throw blanket, and sipping from a favorite mug can instantly invoke the sensation of being home.

You be the judge when it comes to photos of family and friends. Will they make you feel better or lonelier? You could also hang photos of you and your newfound college friends instead, or cover your walls with inspiring quotes.

2. Keep the Lighting Mellow

Many dorms provide only harsh overhead lighting, which can make a room feel sterile and cold. Switch those lights off, and add something as simple as a floor lamp or a table lamp on your nightstand to emit a soft glow and lend a cozy feel to Spartan surroundings.

3. Create a Mini Sanctuary

Claim a private corner for yourself and make it special. Turn it into a place where you can retreat from the hectic world — and maybe even from the company of your roommates — just for a little while. Maybe your sanctuary is a well-organized desk for studying. Perhaps it’s a plush beanbag chair and a pile of books. Or maybe it’s a clean floor with a rolled-out yoga mat ready for sun salutations.

4. Soften Your Floors

If your dorm or apartment came with less than hospitable flooring — cement, concrete, dated laminate, industrial carpet — then perk things up with a plush area rug. Not only can rugs add color and texture to your décor, they can help cover up floors that make you feel like you’re living in a hospital or office space.

5. Pop in a Plant

Cheery houseplants can really help if you’re yearning for some nature in an urban setting. Plus, some plants even clean the air. They also turn you into a caretaker, helping you feel a sense of ownership over your space and the things inside.

6. Get Cooking

Call your mom and ask for some of your favorite recipes. Smelling comfort foods cooking in the kitchen can help you associate your new place with fond memories. Also, breaking in your kitchen promotes a sense of “settling in.” If you don’t have a place to cook, then try brewing a favorite tea or letting some fresh fruit ripen where you can smell it.

7. Remove All Moving Supplies

Don’t take too long to unpack, and after you do, get rid of empty moving boxes and supplies. Donate or recycle the cardboard, and organize any of your belongings that don’t have a home. Being “done” with moving helps you put the transition behind you so you can really settle in. Tidying up promotes a feeling of serenity and control as you enter college life.  

8. Add Some Quality Furniture

During this time of change, you want to feel secure and safe in your new space. If you only have excessively worn or wobbly furniture, think about swapping any “sad” furniture with sturdy replacements. The act of choosing a fresh piece for your apartment helps you stamp it with your own style and personality.

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