College Life 101: How to Create a Home Away From Home

student_apartment_cropLiving in college dorms or apartments can often leave students feeling frustrated or simply indifferent about their décor. Not to mention, many students live with one or more roommates, making decorating a difficult task. However, it is important for students to have a welcoming and relaxing space no matter how temporary the living situation. In between pulling all-nighters during exam week or juggling a job to cover school expenses, students need a place to unwind and de-stress.

While students might not have much choice in their furniture selections, there are ways to organize and decorate your space to make it feel like your own. With, roommates can select their furnishings together to create a stylish living space that pleases everyone. Once you’re ready to settle in, make sure to follow these simple do’s and don’ts of student living. Your friends and fellow classmates will be asking you for style tips in no time!


Avoid overhead lighting and neon signs. Instead, opt for table or floor lamps to provide the task lighting you need for studying. As a bonus, lamps are an inexpensive way to add personal touches that demonstrate your style.
Add artwork. Blank, white walls can be the perfect canvas to brighten your space with colorful prints. Use your artwork to tie together the colors and style elements in your room.
Use curtains. Pull your design look together with window-framing curtains. These will also come in handy to block out extra light when sleeping in on the weekends!


Forget the details. Not the biggest fan of your sofa? Disguise it with a throw. Adding throw pillows and blankets is an easy and inexpensive way to create comfort and add personality to any space.
Clutter your space. Keeping an organized floor plan and environment will showcase your style elements to the fullest, while being respectful of shared space to help you and your roommates live in harmony.
Skimp on storage. Use stylish baskets and bins to store anything from school supplies to pantry items. These will add warmth to your space while hiding any unnecessary clutter.

Heading to college is often when many students live on their own for the first time so personalizing their dorm or apartment can help the transition process seem less daunting. With these do’s and don’ts in mind, students can add their individual style to any temporary living situation to create a comfortable home away from home.