Office Furniture Rental: Smart Solution

To accommodate your business operations through any situation, consider office furniture rental as a smart alternative to buying. CORT provides solutions for companies big and small, over the long-term or to meet short-term transitional needs.We go above and beyond with asset management services and a fantastic inventory of high-quality furniture to ensure a professional, design-conscious image for your office. The ways office furniture rental can save money and provide advantages to your business that are bountiful and measurable.

For example, rental payments can be appropriated as a business operating expense as opposed to a capital investment. Therefore, your office furniture rental costs are entirely deductible and can be financed monthly. At the end of the lease contract, simply return your furniture to us with no concern for storing or liquidating old furniture. When you buy furniture, capital is tied up over the lifetime of the piece, and depreciation causes your investment to continually lose value.

Office furniture rental is ideal for companies in transition for various circumstances, and particularly for start-ups that may be unable to determine their furnishing needs for the long-run. Simply make our flexible lease terms work for you. Perhaps renovations to the main office have made furnishing a temporary work area necessary, or your branch is hosting a seminar or other event and requires additional seating. Office furniture rental can cater to these needs and more.

The option of installation within 48 hours is available to meet even the most immediate office furniture rental requests. CORT also offers a professional space planning service to help your company choose the pieces that will best suit your office space. In addition to our aforementioned asset management and capital conservation strategies, we also provide environmentally sustainable solutions that can  please even the most eco-conscious companies considering office furniture rental.

Count on CORT for superior business solutions, from office furniture rental to our menu of relocation services. Our plans and lease terms are customizable to fit any budget.