Airbnb vs. Hotel: How to Choose When You’re on the Road

Traveling for work used to mean that you’d be living out of a hotel on the road, but diversified options have now changed the landscape for where you can stay when you travel. Whether you’re traveling for just a few days or for several weeks, you can weigh the merits of an Airbnb vs. hotel to make the right choice. 

Different needs call for different accommodations, so it’s helpful to know what is most important to you when traveling. Let’s look at some of the considerations that could affect your decision and the best option in each case.

Do You Want Amenities?

If you like free breakfast (or room service) and want someone to clean up while you’re gone, then hotels or hotel apartments are the way to go. The staff makes your bed and provides clean towels, and you can even select a hotel that has the kind of breakfast you prefer. Airbnbs require you to do these things yourself.

Do You Like Your Own Space?

Maybe you’re spending the day with other people and just want a little (or a lot of) peace and quiet at the end of the day. That’s where an Airbnb shines; you have the place to yourself and can relax in a more home-like environment. And if you like to unwind by cooking a feast, then you have a kitchen at your fingertips.

Are You Concerned About Traveling Alone?

Airbnbs are typically quiet and private, but not every traveler wants that much privacy. If you get nervous traveling alone or are concerned about someone else (the owner) having a key, then you may feel better in a hotel. 

Are You Trying to Save Money?

In that case, an Airbnb will most likely win. One of the appealing things about Airbnb is that units typically cost less than traditional hotel arrangements. 

Other Considerations for Your Stay

Some other things you should take into consideration include how close you need to be to your work site, what kind of parking arrangements are available if you’re driving or renting a car, and what types of things you like to do when you aren’t working.

Keep in mind that location can play a significant role in how well you enjoy your stay. That includes close proximity to appealing things to do when you aren’t on the clock.

One great thing about traveling for work is that it makes you appreciate coming home even more. Let CORT Furniture Rental help you create a space you enjoy — and look forward to returning to when your time on the road is done.

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