5 Advantages of Renting a Condo vs. Buying a House

Ah, the American Dream. Owning a home is the foundation for happiness — or so they tell us. But, for today’s mobile workforce, home ownership is more likely to be a burden than a blessing. Plus, the latest trend is the smaller the better when it comes to living spaces. If you’re moving your family across the country — or even the world — consider these advantages of renting a condo versus buying a house.

Save on Utilities

It’s no secret that the larger the home, the higher the electric and energy bills. There are more rooms to heat and light. If you rent a smaller condo, then you can pocket that money to use elsewhere, such as redecorating. And, on the flip side, less square footage means less time spent cleaning. (Say goodbye to scrubbing that extra shower.)

Less Stress

For some, buying a home is the epitome of “making it,” but for others, it’s a total nightmare. A mortgage is a huge financial commitment that can be very stressful if you’re not ready for it. Renting allows for more freedom and less permanence. Usually you’re only locked into a lease for six months to a year. If your job requires you to move, then renting can be much less stressful than buying in each new location.

And, if something breaks? The landlord or property manager is typically responsible for repairs and maintenance — and that often includes exterior landscaping.

Updated Everything

Many condos are in great shape because the owners invest in them, especially if they purchased the property with the intention of renting it for a profit. Therefore, modern appliances and an emphasis on up-to-date finishes are best practices among owners. You’ll be reaping the benefits of those property details if you rent.

Who Doesn’t Love Amenities?

If you own your home, the only way you can head to the pool on a hot day is if you are a member of the community club. Not so if you rent a condo. Oftentimes, luxury locations offer hot tubs, barbecues, gym memberships with free classes, social events, and clubhouse access to those who rent.

Become a Minimalist

Naturally, a small place can’t contain as much furniture and décor. You’ll save quite a bit of money on furnishings, yet you can still comfortably use a condo for things like entertaining. Then, you can invest some of those savings into updating your décor. Tried and true small house decorating ideas include lots of lighting, neutral wall paint, and mirrors to make the space feel bigger.

Bonus tip: Save money upfront by renting furniture rather than buying it all at once right when you move in. You can rent coordinating pieces for an entire room, making redecorating the bedroom or living room a breeze. Then, when it’s time to move again, you can easily transition to your next adventure without having to figure out what to do with the sofa.

Whether you decide to put your roots down in a traditional house or condominium, it’s a big decision. CORT Furniture Rental is here to help with furniture that fits your space, big or small.

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