Moving Day: 6 Tips for Surviving a Summertime Move

It’s hot outside, and the last thing you want to do is clean, pack, and lift heavy furniture. Summer is the most popular time to move, but it isn’t always the easiest. Scorching temps and movers with jam-packed schedules can make moving day a challenge. If you’re relocating during the summer, learn how to keep your cool with a few handy tips.

Move on a Weekday

There’s no reason to believe a weekday will be cooler than the weekend, but you can at least deal with movers who are less rushed and better able to assist you on a Monday through Thursday. Planning ahead with a weekday move allows you to get competitive quotes from several movers, rather than scrambling to find someone who is available on a busy summer weekend.

Make Use of the Morning

Mornings are generally cooler during the summer, so aim to get as much done as possible before the heat of the day hits hard. Book your movers for the earliest possible time, and try to have everything packed in advance so you aren’t racing around at the last minute.

Dress Right

The clothing you wear makes a big difference to your comfort level. Black absorbs heat, so nix anything in a dark shade. Instead, stick with lightweight, loose-fitting fabrics in white or light colors. Cotton or linen are both good options, as they absorb moisture and allow you to stay cool and dry. Make sure to have sunglasses and a hat on hand, and regularly apply sunscreen throughout the day.

Stay Hydrated

You can’t underestimate the importance of staying hydrated, especially when you’re working hard in the heat. This isn’t necessarily as easy as it seems because you probably packed all your cups and water bottles away. Make a note ahead of time to prepare a cooler full of bottled water and paper cups so both you and the movers stay hydrated.

Pack Valuables in the Car

When temperatures are warm, avoid packing items that might be affected by extreme heat in the moving van. This might include candles, vinyl records, photographs, musical instruments, crayons, old books, and antique clothing or linens. Instead, pack them up in a box and transport them in your air-conditioned car so you can minimize the amount of time they spend in the heat.

Prepare Your New Home

Make sure the utilities are turned on in your new home before you arrive so you can fire up the air conditioner as soon as you get there. If you don’t have central AC, then keep a few portable fans easily accessible so you can be comfortable after the move.

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