How to Decorate a Glass Coffee Table

You want your glass coffee table to look Instagram-worthy, but you also need it to hold things like coffee mugs, remotes, and snack plates. How do you go about styling your coffee table for fashion AND function? With the versatility of glass and these glass tabletop design ideas, you can achieve a beautiful coffee table for any décor style.

Styling Your Coffee Table: Make the Most of a Glass Tabletop

Add some visual weight.

While a glass coffee table can provide an airy feel — especially when you’re decorating small spaces — it can also get visually lost in a room. Call attention to your coffee table with items that have some “visual weight,” like a stack of hardback books or a large basket. Without these items, the eye can slide right past the coffee table, but a contrasting vignette on the tabletop can make the perfect style statement.

Use containers.

Rather than setting multiple remotes on top of your glass coffee table, use decorative containers to gather them and create a cohesive look. A vase can hold small items like matches, or a decorative basket can house larger items like drink coasters or books. You can even use multiple containers to store what you need on top of your coffee table and pull everything together with a tray, leading us to our next tip.

Group items with a coffee table tray.

Have you ever noticed that you can make almost anything look more polished with a tray or basket? The same goes for your coffee table. Rather than having items or containers scattered on the surface of your glass table, use a coffee table tray to “corral” everything and make your glass tabletop look clutter-free and thoughtfully styled. Your coffee table tray can help set the tone for the rest of the room’s style, too! For example, a reclaimed wood tray adds a rustic touch, while a mirrored or chic white tray screams “modern and sophisticated.”

Figure out what you like, then make it your own.

Still not sure how to decorate a glass coffee table? Look for glass tabletop design ideas on Pinterest or Instagram, and save photos you like. You don’t have to copy these exactly! Instead, look back at all the images you saved and identify common elements.

Did several of your photos include a brass coffee table tray? What about red accents? Or, maybe all of your pictures had plants and flowers on the tabletops. Once you know what you’re drawn to, incorporate those elements on your glass coffee table. You’re well on your way to styling your coffee table in a way that looks good and feels like you!

Interior Decorating Ideas with a Glass Coffee Table

Let’s look beyond styling your coffee table’s surface, shall we? In the broader context of your living room, your glass coffee table should complement the rest of the décor. If you have a glass coffee table you love, make the most of it with bold furnishings around it! Glass tables are — of course — transparent, so a bold patterned rug or geometric print accent chair can truly shine next to your glass coffee table.

If you love the look of a glass coffee table, use glass in your décor in other ways. When decorating small spaces, glass shelving or glass console tables can keep things from feeling cramped. Plus, glass furniture is eco-friendly, so you can feel good about choosing sustainable furnishings for your home.

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