Updating your décor in 2016? Expect to see trends influenced by Hollywood glam, modernism

The decorations have been packed away and the presents have all been exchanged. The year is now 2016, and there is a lot we can expect over the next 12 months in the world of design.

If one of your resolutions is to finally update your home décor, it would be helpful to understand what some of the key design trends are for the New Year. CORT’s designers have pulled together different style categories consumers will find when it comes to styling their homes.

If you’re thinking of going glam with your style, then Hollywood Regency might be the right look. Influenced by 1930’s celebrities that created glamorous showplaces of their homes, Hollywood Regency is all about glamour told through the details. It not only features Art Deco, but also the grandeur of Empire and Regency designs. This design style infuses shine into a space through the use of crystals, lighting fixtures, mirrors, gold and silver leaf. Rich colors, velvets and damasks upholstery fabrics, lacquered pieces, beautiful and rich carpets and fur accents are also used to intentionally over decorate and dramatize a space.

CORT’s Champagne Chest is perfect if you’re looking to achieve the Hollywood Regency look in your home. The chest’s textured silver finish reflects the light and adds sparkle, while its silver drop handles act as the “jewelry” on the piece by adding detail and polish.

Lean more towards traditional styling? Today’s traditional is not like your grandparents furnishings. Forget the heavy, stodgy, and fussy pieces, Urban Traditional is all about being eclectic and using traditional pieces and elements, but steering clear of the “serious.”

In the past, traditional design required furniture to be the same size and small scale. This often made rooms appear cluttered. Today’s Urban Traditional offers a variety of scales, with a large element that serves as the focal point, such as an oversized piece of art or a mirror. The finishes today are mixed to create more interest in a space. You’ll find light finishes or a painted piece mixed with old traditional finishes such as dark brown mahogany or cherry. Classic furniture has been given a contemporary face-lift with new, modern fabric or extreme black or white paint. Designers are also including “off” elements to a space like a graphic rug, a quirky piece of art or sculpture, like CORT’s Coney’s Hue artwork, which features a rich textile design that adds texture and a rich global ethnic vibe to a room.

At the beginning of the 20th century, it was a radical idea to have no extra ornamentation in a room. Modernism offers clean lines and focuses on function, avoiding the excessive accessories and decorative elements seen in many other styles.

Ideal for smaller spaces to promote calm and simplicity, Modernism features the minimal use of textures in a room and a more neutral color palette accented with a single bold color. Polished metals are used as accents. The furniture is clean and often accented with tubular steel. Modular seating is important for the functionality of the space. Geometric shapes are key elements in modern design. Art, sculpture or plants are usually the only ornamental pieces used in this style category.

CORT’s Hobbs II Chair in smooth leather adds a level of sophistication, while the dramatic swoop of the arm softens the linear feel of the room and adds an element of surprise in a modern space.

For years stylists and fashion designers have suggested every woman should have a little black dress in their wardrobe, because they are timeless and classic and with a little accessorizing can go from daytime to evening. The same can be said for home design. Timeless Classics goes from sophisticated to simple. It is a design category that never goes out of style. Timeless Classics design are influenced by such renowned figures in history such as Architect Frank Lloyd Wright; Charles and Ray Eames, pioneers of modern chair design in the 1940s and ’50s; and famous French Fashion Designer Coco Chanel.

Furnishings in this category feature silhouettes that stand the test of time like a well-tailored suit, with an emphasis clean lines and shapes and utilizing neutral backgrounds. All pieces are perfectly scaled and proportionate. CORT’s Henry Chair features a classic pinstripe tweed fabric that brings a tailored masculine feel to a space. The depth of the chair and higher back bring the needed comfort to curl up and read a book, and the high leg adds to the clean design.

Timeless Classics are as fresh and relevant today as they were yesterday and will be tomorrow. Furniture is created in materials and colors that are meant to last. Quietly understated, simple, sophisticated and highly functional.

Looking for a design trend to suit your on-the-go lifestyle? Then Everyday Living is the one for you! It is all about creating multifunction rooms that feature coordinating furnishings, but are not “matchy-matchy.” Everyday Living is casual, but not sloppy – a “lived-in” look.

The fabrics in this design category are low-maintenance and comfortable, with a neutral color palette to create homey, relaxing environments. Add drama to a space through colorful accents. Storage pieces are key to provide functionality throughout the home. For example, CORT’s Avocado Accent Chest features a painted avocado finish with antique brass nails and detailed feet, a well-designed piece with functional storage.

Not ready to make a style commitment? Consider furniture rental as a cost-effective option while you decide which design trend is for you. CORT’s products and services allow you to outfit your entire home with everything from floor to ceiling before making a huge investment in new furnishings.

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